5 Reasons to Claim Damages from a Car Accident While You’re on Vacation

5 Reasons to Claim Damages from a Car Accident While You’re on Vacation

When you go on vacation, probably the last thing you want to think about us the possibility of getting in a car accident. You’re likely much more concerned with checking out some of the local color and maybe grabbing yourself an exotic tropical drink. 

However, vehicular collisions can still occur when you’re on vacation, whether you’ve brought your own car or rented one. You might decide at the time it takes place that you don’t want to file an injury claim.  After all, you’re likely more concerned with enjoying your downtime and not thinking about what just took place.  

At some point, though, you might determine that you’re justified in filing for personal injury. What are the primary signs that you should take this action?

The Other Party is Trying to Settle Out of Court

There are different ways that you can handle a situation in which you were in a vehicle collision, and the other party was clearly at fault. You can take them to court and sue them for damages, especially if you were severely hurt, and you come to realize this in the days and weeks following the event.

If the other party or their lawyer approaches you and tries to offer you a one-time payment, though, you’re probably better off turning it down. That is because you might be able to get more through a court proceeding. In such cases, let your car accident lawyer deal with the legal processes in detail. This is important as you may not be familiar with all legal aspects involved in such cases. If you require detailed information, click URL and seek insights. This will help you understand the sensitivity of such cases.

It’s not about trying to cash in on what happened. You’re likely going to get stuck with some hefty medical bills, and the settlement, even if you had to be airlifted to a hospital by medical air transport.

You’re Traumatized by What Happened

If you’re in a violent collision while you’re on vacation, it can wreak havoc on your psyche. You might have to deal with the equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder. When you try to drive again, you may find yourself shaking, or facing symptoms that are close to those of a panic attack.

There are lots of reasons car accidents happen, and often they are not even your fault. This is complicated when you are on vacation, away from familiar areas, people, and services. The injury payment that you can get from a court settlement in your favor might also pay for alternate methods of transportation to places you need to go. At some point, you might be confident enough to drive again, but it may not come right away.

That Money Can Pay for Therapy

Some individuals who are in a vacation car wreck can get through it by engaging in talk therapy. You might have the type of health insurance that will pay for some of those sessions.

However, many health insurance plans don’t cover that sort of thing. If that is true of yours, then the money you get from a court settlement can help to pay for those sessions. Talking about what happened might be part of the formula that gets you confident enough to drive again.

Your Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover All Your Bills

Even if you have excellent health insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your bills will be covered as you try to get over a car wreck. You might need to pay quite a bit before you reach your deductible, and your insurance kicks in. If you weren’t at fault, there is no reason why you should be expected to pay that money out-of-pocket.

In addition to medical bills, you might also have to pay for something like physical therapy to try and get over your injuries. That process might be time-consuming, and it’s not likely to be cheap. While your insurance plan might cover a certain number of physical therapy sessions, the money won in an injury settlement can help you pay for the rest.

The Settlement Can Cover Additional Expenses

Some additional expenses might come about as a result of the crash. What if your car insurance didn’t cover collision, and your vehicle was totaled? You can use a court settlement to buy a new or used car. Some other expenses might include:

  • The cost of hiring a babysitter as you go to a doctor’s appointment
  • Grocery bills if you’re out of work recovering from the accident
  • The cost of a neck brace, crutches, or whatever else you need as a result of the accident

There’s no denying that car crashes while on vacation can be traumatic, and it’s the rare individual who can shake it off and go on like nothing happened. It’s much more common for there to be psychological effects that you’ll have to work through in the weeks and months that follow.

Remember that if you hire a lawyer to represent you in court, then they will be entitled to a percentage of your winnings. Still, in the days following a crash while traveling, you might well decide that suing the other party for damages is what makes the most sense for you.

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