Advice for first-time slot players

Advice for first-time slot players

A friend of yours has finally managed to convince you that playing online slots is very entertaining and fun, something you have to try in life, at least once.

You have been listening over and over again to important brand names, to concepts like offers, bonuses or RTP% along with other weird names related to casinos you can’t even remember – play now.

Although you are eager to start playing your first game, you are still visibly confused about how the whole system works.

This list of advice may help you live this fantastic new adventure to the fullest.   

How much do I have to bet on this game? 

The first issue you will have to face has to do with the amount of money to bet on the game you choose to play at. Many people think that the higher the stake is, the bigger the amount of money they will get.

Forget this. As a newbie, we advise you to start with slot machines that require a very low minimum bet. You will have the opportunity to play longer, spending less. In a few days, you will have learned your ropes with games without spending a fortune!

Here you are some names: the very popular Starburst I and II, Thunderstruck I and II, Joker Strikes, to name just a few.

The concept of RTP% 

OK, now it’s time to introduce the concept of RTP which is the percentage of times a slot machine ‘return money’ to players based on the number of bets they have made on it.

Here you are the big tip. Choose slot machines which have at least an RTP of 94% if you want to increase your possibilities of winning.   

Incentives and offers 

Besides choosing the right game for you, you have to concentrate on selecting the best casino among the thousands existing.

Since the competition between manufacturers got harder, many new offers have been launched. You may have heard about bonuses but maybe you still don’t know what they are exactly.

They are incentives a casino offers to make you subscribe on one rather than another. There are welcome bonuses which are encouragements to subscribe. They are generally a sum of money you can withdraw only after a specific number of victories or a number of free rounds. Then, you can find the bonus on deposit. Indeed, by making an initial deposit, you will get the corresponding amount of money from the casino. The same happens here. This sum can’t be cashed but reused to play. Again, this changes from a place to another.

What we suggest you is to read the casino wagering policy carefully before choosing yours to find the one which better suits your needs.

Final thoughts 

In a complicated world like the I-Gaming, it can become very difficult to make the right choices. We are sure that these three suggestions will help you choose the slot as well as the casino which can be best for your needs.

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