High Flying Pig Fun

The heat of summer has set in, even here in Georgia. It. Is. Hot.

Because it’s been too hot and muggy to get outdoors as much, we’ve been spending our hottest part of the day (along with our weekly game night) playing new games I’ve discovered this year. Games help keep kids away from their devices and it gives us time to connect as a family. I’d much rather they were playing games that teach them skills than spending all of their time watching Tik Tok videos or just basically by not spending their summer month productively.

One of our favorite games is actually one I found under $10. Doink! by Goliath – The Card Game Where Pigs DO Fly! I do want to add here that I buy a lot of Goliath Games. Goliath is not a sponsor on this site but I’m a fan of theirs. The kids are fans as well.  In fact, I’ve yet to find a game from Goliath that the kids don’t enjoy playing.  They really do know how to inspire young minds and I have to confess that they inspire mine equally as well.  Plus they have some really affordable games.  When you play games as much as we do, and buy as many games as I do, price matters.

High Flying Pig Fun

I’ve decided to share this game with you in case you’re looking for ways to stay cool during the remainder of the summer. Check out my games category for more game suggestions and game night ideas.

What originally drew me to this game is how cute it is.  I mean, that pig is cute.  After reading about the game, and seeing what skills it teaches, I decided it sounded like something I thought the younger kids would enjoy.  And let’s be honest, they’re the hardest age to entertain and to keep their interest flowing.  Luckily this game is fast-paced so even the most impatient of the kids can make it through the game without complaining of being bored.


What can you expect with Doink?  

High Flying Pig Fun

If this game sounds like something your family would enjoy, then click on any of my links to learn more and to make your purchase.  The link is an affy link meaning if you make a purchase using my link, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.  If you are a Prime member, you can purchase Doink! for $9.97 with free shipping.

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