All things dino! Amazing gift ideas for your little dinosaur enthusiast

All things dino! Amazing gift ideas for your little dinosaur enthusiast

Dinosaurs have successfully captured the hearts and minds of children for generations. Chances are you had a sibling or knew someone who was pretty obsessed with all things dino when they were younger. Encouraging a specific interest or passion like dinosaurs is great for your child’s development and recent studies have shown that children who have an intense interest in dinosaurs have a stronger understanding of the world around them and may have an edge on their peers.  

If your little one has a birthday coming up soon, then you may be wondering what you can spoil them with. Make a start by checking out this toy range suitable for 3 year old boys and read on to discover some additional gift ideas for your little dinosaur enthusiast. 


Ok, so it’s not the most exciting of birthday gifts, but anything that features your little one’s favourite dinosaur will certainly go down well. Kids grow out of clothes incredibly quickly, so asking friends and family members to top up their wardrobe with a few dino-themed pieces is always a good idea. Items such as hoodies, PJs, hats scarves and gloves usually last longer than t-shirts and jeans.


Add some bite to their lunchtime routine with a new dino-themed lunch box and drinks bottle. They’ll love showing it to their friends at daycare, and they might even channel their favourite herbivore and eat all their veggies! A personalised option will make these practical gifts even more delightful.

Bed linen

Is their bedroom looking a little tired and dull? If you’re struggling for ways to encourage a dinosaur theme without making permanent changes such as dino-wallpaper or wall stencils, then updating their bed linen with some colourful and exciting bed sheets will certainly tick all the boxes. Don’t forget some additional cushions and dino-themed throws to make their bed extra cosy and exciting. Convincing them to go to bed has never been easier!

Night light

If your little one is still a little worried about things that go bump in the night, then why not include some lovely dino-décor to brighten up their bedroom? A cute dinosaur themed or shaped nightlight is the perfect bedtime companion, you can choose from touch-lamp or switch features, various colours and dinosaurs! 

A onesie

Everyone needs a onesie. They’re the perfect thing to throw on after a bath or to wrap up warm in after a wintery walk. Your little dinosaur enthusiast will love getting dressed up as their favourite dino and chasing their siblings or practising their best roar! 

Dinosaur encyclopaedia

Does your little one know their Gallimimus from their Giganotosaurus? What about their T-Rex from their Talarurus? When it comes to dinosaurs, there’s always something new to learn and thousands of facts to get their heads around. A simple, yet effective way to boost their knowledge and to keep them occupied for hours is with a glossy dinosaur encyclopaedia. It’s the perfect gift for any dino enthusiast! 

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