Summer Snacking With Welch’s

Summer Snacking With Welch's

Ever since the kids have been out of school for their summer break, they’ve had snack attacks on a daily basis.  I try to encourage healthy eating when it comes to snacks because they want as many snacks as they eat meals.   They’re burning more energy because they are more active during their break than they are when sitting in classes all day.  And the more energy they burn up the more they want to eat.  And drink. I don’t’ know where they’re putting it all.

Summer Snacking With Welch's

Now, I’m going to be honest.  From time to time I do let them have snacks that are loaded with stuff they don’t need.  However, I try not to do that and it mainly centers around us traveling.  I always end up stopping at service stations when we stop for any reason that’s where they want chips and candy.  This year, I’m changing that because I’ve been grabbing a box of Welch’s Fruit Snacks on my way out the door every time we go anywhere.  I might forget the kids but I haven’t forgotten Welch’s Fruit Rolls and Fruit Snacks.  I’ve even been eating them as my snack choice as well.

When most of us hear the word Welch’s we think juice. My mom served us Welch’s juice and it’s my choice for my kids as well because, over the years, it’s a brand I’ve come to trust.  My middle shelf in my fridge stays stocked with Welch’s juices.  I keep it there because it’s at eye level even for the smaller youngsters.  When they see it they want it.  And because it’s good for them, I don’t mind that drink as much as they want.

Just as I trust their juice, I now trust their snack choices and you can too. And they taste great as you would expect them to, associated with a trusted name like Welch’s.

Summer Snacking With Welch's

Don’t forget to grab some of Welch’s delicious fun fruit snacks on your next shopping trip.  Buy enough to take along on your travels as well.

Summer Snacking With Welch's

What are your favorite Welch’s products?


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  1. I love those fruit snacks! They’re my son’s favorite.

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