Hosting a Kids Party Indoor: Pros and Cons

Hosting a Kids Party Indoor: Pros and Cons

Hosting a Kids Party Indoor: Pros and Cons

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Hosting a kids party is a natural part of being a parent. But just like any other family event, there are a ton of factors to consider when hosting a party for your kids. In terms of location, you can choose to rent a party venue or hold the event at a park. Of course, your own home is always an option as well. Before you opt for the latter, however, take a look at the following pros and cons of indoor kids parties:


  1. Controlled and Safer Environment

Since you’re hosting a party for kids, it is best to think of the guests’—and your kid’s—safety at all times. You have to make sure that every little boy or girl is accounted for at any point in the party. When hosting a party indoors, it would be easier to keep track of every guest. If you’re doing the party in your own house, you can designate one or two rooms as the party areas so that you can keep an eye on everyone.

  1. Easy to Decorate

One of the pros of hosting a kids party indoors is the fact that it would be easy to decorate. Whether you have a theme or not, a room or indoor space will be a great canvas to work with. If you’re going the DIY route for the decorations, an indoor party is highly recommended. You can make your own simple decorations using materials you likely already have at home, or you can choose from a wide array of cheap party decorations that are sure to make your kid’s shindig picture-perfect.

  1. Host an Intimate Group

An indoor party means limited space for guests and activities. This is a good thing, of course, if you are on a budget or you don’t fancy the idea of hosting a large group. If your kid doesn’t go to school yet, it is likely that the guest number will be limited to neighbors and cousins, making an indoor party reasonable. You can also choose a family-only event where you invite only kin or very close friends and their children. This way, the party will be intimate and cozy—the perfect environment for making lasting memories.


  1. Limited Options for Active Games

A kids party with no active games or activities doesn’t seem complete. And if you’re hosting a party indoors, your choice of games will be limited. You can do a treasure hunt, musical chairs, freeze dance, or even break a piñata, but they would not likely be enough to satiate the guests’ energy. Then there is always the possibility that said guests will break a vase or lamp even while playing non-active games.

  1. Limited Number of Guests

If your kid is popular, an indoor party might not be the best idea because of space issues. If you limit the guests, you might make a kid or two (and their parents!) feel bad because they were not invited. When doing an at-home party with a lot of guests, they will likely be spilling over to rooms that are not part of the designated party areas. In other words, keeping track of everyone will be difficult indeed.

  1. Cleanup Nightmare

Your poor home will feel like it’s been put through a wringer after you host a kids party indoors. You will find glitter in some places for months after the event. Perhaps you might end up with a broken chair or two. Then there’s the carpet stain that simply defies explanation. When hosting a kids party indoors, you will have to be brave enough to handle the cleanup afterward. Or at least set aside a budget for a cleaning crew that will deal with the mess.

Of course, the most important thing to consider is whether your kid and his or her guests will have fun. Whether indoor or outdoor, armed with the knowledge above, you are sure to host a party that will no doubt be the talk of the neighborhood for months to come.

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