Avoid these Driving Mistakes and Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Avoid these Driving Mistakes and Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you are driving in a car, these mistakes can be costly. Common driving mistakes can easily result in a ticket, which can have major legal, financial, and social implications. If you want to avoid having to hire traffic lawyers to beat your speeding ticket you may be able to do so by avoiding the following common driving mistakes.


Speeding is one of the most common driving infractions in the country, and it can be difficult to maintain a safe speed, especially when everyone around you seems to be going above the speed limit. Contrary to common misconceptions, the speed limit is not a suggestion, and law enforcement officers may decide to give you a ticket for speeding. Driving at or slightly above or below the speed limit is the easiest way to avoid a ticket – and the hassle that comes with it.

Running Red Lights

Everyone has tried to beat a yellow light before, regardless of how safety conscious they are. Unfortunately, running a red light is sometimes unavoidable, especially when you don’t have time to slow down. By slowing down in advance and giving yourself a reasonable stopping distance, you can avoid breaking the law and ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Improper Use of Turn Signals

Turn signals are a big deal, and law enforcement officers give numerous tickets for the improper use of turn signals on a daily basis. Failing to signal, especially on a busy highway can result in a ticket, and sometimes, an accident. Always remember to signal when the time to change lanes or turn arrives.

Failure to Yield

Yield signs are common, and as their name implies, they indicate a driver should yield before entering a highway or turning. Unfortunately, many drivers pay these signs little attention, choosing to simply turn or merge onto a highway at full speed.

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  1. I can think of so many people in my town that could a refresher on how to and not to drive. No one wants a ticket but I wish people would also remember safety should come first.

  2. Oh those Yield signs. I wish people would really pay more attention to them. Those signs weren’t put there for no reason. I have always been a careful driver and proud to say I’ve never gotten a ticket since I got my drivers license.

  3. There are some crazy drivers out there. I realized that even more when traveling for vacation.

  4. Wow! Nice post and you have a wonderful tips of an attitude that the driver should have. I hope all drivers out there should always care not only on their safety but also the safety of others.

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