Brightech, You Light Up My Life

Thank you for your visit. Are you ready to brighten up your life? I can tell you how but first I need to disclose that I’m a Brightech affiliate, meaning, if you make a purchase from any of my links, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

If you’ve been to my site prior to today, then chances are, you’re pretty familiar with my living arrangements. If you’ve surfed in on the web, then let me fill you in. I decided to move back to my hometown a couple of years ago and took the first apartment that was available to me. I did apply for my ideal apartment but I’ve been on a waiting list which has finally dwindled down to being 1 more ahead of me. It’s not only my ideal apartment, but it seems it is for half of this town as well. Most of those who live there have been there 20+ years, so having a vacant apartment is pretty rare. I got a call yesterday that they have an apartment that’s 1 bed and 1 bath larger than what I applied for and wanted to know if I wanted to come and have a peek at it. Of course, I do. I’m counting down the hours until it’s time to leave and I’m curious to see if it’s too big and I need to continue to wait or not. I’m a neat freak and because of my (failed) back surgery, I’m not wanting to overextend my daily chores. To be continued.

So, back to my post which is related to my new apartment. I won’t have the number of windows I have here and that could be a problem but I won’t let it be. I have windows all around except on one side plus 2 screen doors, here. There, I will only have windows in the front and the back. And depending on where I move, the woods could block out some of the sunlight as well.

Thinking ahead, I’ve been on a hunt for some bright lighting for my new apartment not just for my living room area, but for the office I will set up and bedroom or bedrooms, depending on if I take a larger apartment, as well. As a Brightec affiliate, I was able to select a couple of lamps to feature in today’s post and I’ve selected some to purchase after my move as well (because the less I have to move across town, the better). I’m even going to purchase outdoor solar lights for my private front and back porch I’ll have when I move. I love being outdoors, especially at night and having solar lights means I don’t have to keep replacing batteries or worry about whether or not I’ll have outdoor sockets or not.

Brightech, You Light Up My Life

I’m sure you’re wondering what lamps I settled on because if you’ve ever been to Brightec website, I’m sure you’ve realized just how hard of a choice that can be. Are you ready for my big reveal?

Ta da…

MASON ($97.99)

Brightech, You Light Up My Life

EITHAN ($47.99)

Brightech, You Light Up My Life

Head on over to Brightec by clicking on any of my lamp links and let me know which lamp you’ll most likely purchase for your little adobe.
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This EITHAN floor lamp is only $47.99 at Brightec


  1. I really love that bed! It’s clean, sleek, and low. The rest of the picks are wins too, great choices!

  2. Nice picks! I am also thinking of getting new lighting for the house. I love the idea of Solar lights, haven’t tried one but i consider trying it out when I go lighting shopping

  3. I am in love with the way this lighting looks. I have been looking for a new lamp for my office.

  4. Both lights look amazing! the first one is my fav though! loving the design!

  5. All those lights look amazing. We need to sort out the lighting our new house and these options look great.

  6. Solar lights are awesome, it definitely helps to light up the outdoors, without having to constantly replace the batteries. Good luck on the new apartment.

  7. Good lighting can change an entire room. I’m actually looking for some for my new home office.

  8. I love the one for my living room as well as the one for my bedroom. I want one for my office area next.

  9. They have some really affordable and stylish lamps of every sort.

  10. I’ve already picked out a couple more I plan to buy. I’m now a fan for life.

  11. I agree 100%. I actually turned down the apartment I’ve been waiting all this time on, yesterday. There were some issues with it that weren’t going to be resolved so I’m back to square one but I’m not left in the dark, lol. Love my new lamps.

  12. Lighting is so key when it comes to apartments! Love the choices you have!!

  13. I’ve never heard of this company before but their lights are super adorable! They will be perfect for my new house!

  14. There is nothing quite like having some good lighting in your home! I have to admit this isn’t a brand I’ve heard of but I need to check it out!

  15. That is such a cute lamp. I’ve been looking for a new living room light and this looks perfect.

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