Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

Being able to fit into the fast-changing trends is a skill that only some can pull off. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything looks good them, they simply know what suits their body shape and emphasizes their strong points. With the right clothes and styles, anyone is likely to feel more confident in their body type.

Women’s clothing comes in various cuts and styles.  Click here to get more info on where to buy clothing to fit your unique shape. While some of these fit the majority, some of them look better on certain body shapes simply because it highlights their curves and features more. However, this isn’t something everyone is aware of.

Here a few tips to find the perfect floral dress for the summer, or simply know which dress will look best in your unique figure!

For Apple Body Shapes

Those with apple-shaped bodies tend to have heavier upper features compared to the lower parts of their body. Typically, they have broad shoulders or bigger bust lines.

Since there’s already so much going on in the upper half of the body, it would be best to focus on highlighting the lower features to make it appear more balanced.

For example, a dress with a deep V-neckline, which gives the illusion of a longer torso, or a printed floral dress. The Kimmie Mini Dress is a great dress online that fits this description.

Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

For Hourglass Body Shapes

This body type is said to be the most balanced and usually means the body has a well-defined waistline. With this, it would be best to wear dresses that highlight the figure.

Body-hugging dresses or those that cinch at the waist are the best bet for this body type. This will emphasize the waistline, as well as the body’s proportions.

The Ola Maxi Dress or the Quinn Bodycon Mini Dress is sure to look great on those with hourglass body types.

Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

For Pear Body Shapes

Being the opposite of apply body types, pear-shaped bodies have more features in their lower body rather than the upper. This typically refers to the thighs and butt. The best example of someone with this body type is Kim Kardashian.

Wearing the right outfits will allow a pear body to have the illusion of being hourglass-shaped. To achieve this, balance is the key.

The Ursula Summer Mini Dress is a good bet since it has a ruffled top which will bring more volume to the upper body, which helps in balancing it out with the bottom half.

Best Dresses For Your Body Shape

For Rectangle Body Shapes

A rectangle body shape is often well-balanced from top to bottom. Unlike other body types, these don’t have much going around that need to be balanced out.

The focus of this body type is the arms and legs. Putting on dresses that add more definition to the body is recommended for this body shape while highlighting your figure.

A good dress to try for this type is the Gracie Shoulder Strap Mini Dress (From The HALF Boutique— with spaghetti straps and an A-line skirt that will bring more attention to the shape while still being able to flaunt the legs and arms. The cupped bust detail also adds more definition to the upper half.

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