Take A Casual Look and Glam It Up At Night This Summer

Take A Casual Look and Glam It Up At Night This Summer

A summer look needs to be flexible. The chances are that you will need to be cool and comfortable in the day, but quickly turn it into something more dressy in an evening. Especially as most summer days tend to go into an evening. Summer is the time of the year that you may like to socialise a little more. Working during the day and then drinks in the cool summer evening. Heading out on family days on the weekend only for it to be turned into a gathering at a friends house for a BBQ at night.

Summer is also great for fashion, and yes you may want to feel cool and comfortable, but it is also the ideal time to be experiment with things such as colours and styles. It gives you that little bit more freedom to try new things, and not just with clothes but with makeup and hairstyles. With all of that in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can turn a casual summer look and glam it up for an evening of fun with very little mess and interference.

Take A Casual Look and Glam It Up At Night This Summer

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Swap your shoes

A quick way to turn your summer day look into something more appropriate for the evening is to change your shoes. You may have slipped into some comfortable sandals for the day. But changing into a shoe with more of a heal or a wedge style would be perfect for an evening look. It can be one of the quickest things you do, but it can change the whole look of the clothes you are wearing. Swapping your shoes can also work for many different types of outfit. It can work with linen trousers, a maxi dress, skirts and shorts. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Shoes are one of the best ways that you can glam up an outfit, and you can easily carry a change of shoes in your bag on a day out, just in case.

Add some jewelry

During the day, you are less likely to wear jewelry that is heavy or embellished. This is possibly because of the heat during the day but also people tend to have their set jewellery that they like to wear during the day. However as the temperature drops at night, this is the chance to add a statement necklace or some other embellished items. Some statement pieces can change the way an outfit looks. For example, a plain vest top will look more dressed up once you add a statement necklace to it. Earrings are also an excellent way to dress up what may have been a bland outfit before hand. Stacking up bracelets, stacking rings, and generally adding a few different pieces to your usual get up could make a big difference. Again having these with you during the day makes changing your outfit much easier to do in a matter of minutes.

A slick of a bright red or pink lipstick

The chances are during the day you will have gone for a toned down makeup look, but this means that at night you can jazz it up a little. A day makeup look tends to be more neutral, especially if you are out in the sun. But at night, when things have gotten a little cooler, you can really be a little more experimental with your colours and application. By simply applying a bright red or pink lipstick your face will glow and look brighter. Making you appear dressed up when you haven’t done that much. Using a liquid lipstick could give you that matte finish you are hoping for. Also, these lip colours would compliment a freshly tanned glow in your face. Other makeup techniques to try would include eyeliner and mascara, or adding a touch of blush or bronzer to your cheeks. You could even try contouring if you wanted to get a more defined look to your face.

Take A Casual Look and Glam It Up At Night This Summer

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Change your hairstyle

During the day, again comfort and keeping cool is likely to be high on your priority list, so you may wear your hair up. There are some great stylish ways that you can do this, and plenty of tutorials online to help you achieve the perfect summer updo. However, when it comes to the evening, try and wear your hair in the opposite way to how you have done in the day. If you can’t change too much of what you are wearing then a change of hairstyle will give you the uplift you need. If you’ve worn it down during the day, tie it up for a more rock chick look. If you have worn it up, letting your hair loose and go for that beach vibe could be a great look. If it has been up in a messy bun add a little bit of hairspray to it and let it loose around your face. There are so many ways that you can easily jazz up a hairstyle, so keep a brutish and a few burly grips in your bag for ease.

Add a cover up and some accessories

The last few things you could do is to add a cover up or some accessories to compliment your clothes and outfit. The temperature does go cooler in the evening so you may want to consider a wrap or a cool jacket. Even though it is an addition to your outfit, it can still change the way it looks. You may also want to consider the use of a bag and maybe even a light scarf around your neck. Accessories can change the whole look of an outfit with minimal effort. Hats are also a fantastic accessory and are often overlooked at night. Using accessories to add to your outfit means that you can transform from day to night in the quickest possible way, and you can still feel comfortable in the process.

Let’s hope these ideas help you take your summer day look to a gorgeous nighttime outfit.


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