Can You Sip Wine With Appropriate Etiquette

Can You Sip Wine With Appropriate Etiquette

Some people may find themself at a dinner party where wine is served, but it is their first time sipping the sophisticated beverage. In order to look as though you know what you’re doing, you watch others handling their glass to try to mimic the approach. Go here for guidance on drinking wine.

Everyone has that first foray into wine drinking. It’s much different than having a cocktail or drinking a beer. Sipping wine is an entire experience, one of a bit of elegance from the time it’s poured. 

Etiquette is growing somewhat more casual as time passes, but an idea of the formalities will still be helpful, particularly in certain social situations. Consider a few basics when it comes to wine culture.

What Is the Appropriate Etiquette When Sipping Wine In A Social Setting

When you’re having a casual game night with a group of familiar friends, the etiquette with sipping wine is much more relaxed than it would be if you were at a formal social gathering of work colleagues. In that event, would you know how to sip sophisticatedly?

Wine connoisseurs have a distinct set of guidelines they follow when having their wine to thoroughly enjoy a glass. Someone new to drinking the sophisticated beverage can use websites on How To Drink Wine or learn from those versed on the subject. Here are a few guidelines from experts on the topic.

  • How do you hold the wine glass

A wine connoisseur will advise the newcomer to carry their wine glass by the stem. When holding it, do so between the forefinger and the thumb, with the middle finger above the stem’s base. 

The primary reason for handling the glass in this way is the bowl can remain clear of fingerprints, and the wine will maintain its temperature for an extended period. If there’s no stem on the glass, still carry it below the base.

  • The glass should hold a minimal amount 

Wine drinkers pour a minimal amount into their glasses to enjoy the experience. It should be no more than ½ full, but closer to ⅓ is preferred. This allows the wine to breathe so the aromas can be authentically experienced. It also allows swirling without the possibility of spilling.

  • Enjoy the entire experience

Wine isn’t a cocktail or a beer meant to be consumed quickly. The true connoisseur will take their time by smelling the aroma, enjoying its appearance, and sipping to wallow in the taste and think about what they’ve just experienced before entirely indulging in the beverage.

The method allows the audience to share thoughts with those around them, what they enjoyed the most or didn’t like.

  • Avoid being overly aggressive with wine swirling

Swirling the wine should be a gentle process, not overly aggressive. When the glass is swirled recklessly, there’s the chance of spillage, which goes against all etiquette guidelines. 

The rules for swirling and another reason to only fill the glass roughly ⅓ full is so you can gently swirl along the bottom of the bowl. The process of swirling helps the aromas to “volatilize.” 

These release for you to take them in when smelling the wine and allow an enhanced flavor. Go to to learn if you should have wine with a meal, after, or before.

Can You Sip Wine With Appropriate Etiquette

  • Pay attention to where you drink from the glass

The wine glass should have one lip smudge meaning you will drink from the same place each time you sip, plainly because it looks much nicer. That’s especially true for those who wear lipstick.

Final Thought

The wine experience starts with uncorking the bottle, pouring it, and enjoying your drink. When the cork comes out, it should be done quietly. Wine tasting boasts of being an incredibly soothing, calm, and relaxing occasion. 

When pouring a glass, the bottle is always held by the base and is rotated away as the pouring is finished to avoid drips with the finish. Everyone should have theirs before the host. 

While there is an etiquette to drinking wine, social gatherings are also supposed to be fun experiences. You should never feel pressure and stress over how you’re indulging in your beverage to the point it’s stealing your joy. No one is or should be judging you. You’ll get the hang of it as you go.

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