Easy Ways to Learn More About Wine

Easy Ways to Learn More About Wine

If you had a reasonably liberal upbringing, you might have been offered the odd glass of wine with important meals when you were in your late teens. Most of us declared these first tastes gross. Young taste buds often go for sweeter flavors, which certainly explains the popularity of alco-pops and other sickly sweet alcoholic beverages with the younger demographic. Wine is often an acquired taste. It’s certainly not what we’d try to sneak out of the drinks cupboard as teens.

Drinking wine often seems more mature. Sophisticated even. Sipping a glass of wine with a meal looks so much classier than necking a beer or slurping from a bottle of a fizzy drink. But, there’s so much choice. If you’ve never been a wine drinker, chances are you’ve never had much interest in it either. The idea of having to drink a dessert wine, that’s different from what you’d drink with fish, that you can’t have with steak might all be a bit overwhelming when really, you just want a relaxing glass while you watch TV after a long day. But, at the same time, it would be nice to know what you were ordering and to be able to look smart when talking about it. Well, fortunately, you can start to learn more about wine without putting in lots of effort. In fact, it couldn’t be easier.

Easy Ways to Learn More About Wine

Drink It

The best way to learn more about wine is simply to drink more of it. Now, I’m not suggesting you go crazy and start drinking every day. But, the occasional glass of wine can improve your mood, help you to relax and even have health benefits. Just remember to take care of yourself and practice moderation.

Experiment with Different Options

Easy Ways to Learn More About Wine

Of course, just drinking the same bottle all of the time won’t help you to learn about the complex flavors, textures and aromas of different types of wine. There’s more to it than simply red, white or rose. The best way to learn more about different kinds of wine is to try different types. Try a collectible wine, find different brands, regions and ages. If you prefer to try different flavors with guidance, a wine tasting event or class could be useful.

Find a Favorite

That said, there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite. Something that you find comforting and always enjoy. Actually, having a favorite that you know well gives you something to compare others to.

Start Sniffing

You might have noticed the experts take time to sniff a glass of wine before taking a sip. While this can look a bit silly, there’s a lot to be gained by sniffing a glass of wine. At first, they might all smell similar. But, over time, you might start to pick out different fruits and flavors.

Ask for Help

When out, ask friends what they are ordering and what they recommend. They might not be experts either, but it’s a great way to introduce yourself to new things, and to get a better feel for what you like and dislike, as well as of food and drink pairings that work well together.

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