Everyone enjoys pairing their food with some type of beverage. Whether it be a dry red wine or a whiskey and ginger. 

Wine and spirits pair with specific foods though. If you want to get the best flavor of your food and drink you have to pair them properly. Keep on reading to learn how to pair your wine and spirits!


You either love or hate this spirit. The taste is one that is acquired. If you like tequila then you’ll want to pair it with your favorite fish tacos. Make sure that if you’re hosting Taco Tuesday, you find a nice silver tequila for your tacos.

You can also pair tequila with pork. Trying pairing a reposado with your pork. The caramel color has hints of vanilla with a smooth finish that will bring out the taste in your pork.


This spirit is bold in flavor which means you’ll want to pair it with the right meal. Steak is a great option to pair your whiskey with but it all depends on the type of steak you are eating.

If you are cooking a ribeye you should try pairing it with scotch, the smokiness of the scotch will bring out the flavors in the ribeye. If you prefer a sirloin steak then go with bourbon. The sweetness will counter the sirloin and keep your taste buds happy.  

Red Wine

If you’re a wine drinker, then you’ll want to pair your wine with a nice cut of beef. The tannins make the red wine harsh, so you’ll want to counter it with beef. This will bring out more of the floral and fruity notes in the wine.

The red wine and beef go hand in hand, both bringing out the flavors in each other. Make sure your wine is nicely chilled. If you need a wine cooler, check out these good wine fridge brands to keep your wine fresh. 

White Wine

If red wine tends to be too try for you, go for a white. White wines tend to be more acidic so you’ll want to pair it with some type of fish dish. White wines lack the tannins red wine does, which is why you don’t taste the same dryness reds tend to have.

Chicken is another dish that will pair nicely with a glass of white wine. You can even make grilled chicken with a lemon sauce to bring out the acidity in the wine. This will bring out the light-bodied flavors the wine has to offer.

Food Pairings With Wine and Spirits

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone when your cooking. Try different dishes with different wine and spirits to find the pairings you like best! As long as you follow some simple rules you’ll have a delicious pairing no matter what!

Check out our site for some tasty recipes to pair with your drink of choice! We can’t wait to see what you cook up!