Clothing Essentials for Horse Riders

Clothing Essentials for Horse Riders

Horse riding is an incredibly rewarding hobby that anybody can enjoy. Whether you’ve been riding for years and you’re looking to update your existing riding equipment, or you are brand new to the sport and you need to gather the essentials, there are certain things that every horse rider needs to own.

Here is a quick list of everything you’re going to need before you get back on your horse, including essential clothing items and accessories. You can easily and conveniently buy your needed horse riding clothes online.


Although you can technically ride a horse in jeans or leggings, if you’re serious about improving your horse riding abilities, you will need to invest in some cavalaria toscana breeches. These are athletically-inspired pants made of durable and practical materials that you can wear while riding to enhance your performance.

They are made of a thin fabric that acts like a second skin to make movements easy for the rider. The thin material also allows for the rider’s legs to be felt by the horse, so it can react to any necessary nudges and signals during the ride. Moreover, not only you but the horse as well should feel comfortable during the ride. Especially if you are a fan of long rides, make sure your pet wears a special horse saddle pad for trail riding and high-quality bridles. Also, keep a fly spray for your horse, just in case.

Riding Boots

Clothing Essentials for Horse Riders

Riding boots are an absolute necessity for any rider, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Not only can you wear these while you’re riding, but you can also keep them at the stables to wear when you’re grooming your horse.

Study riding boots can help you to keep your feet on the stirrup while you’re riding. The chunky heel of the boot slots perfectly into the stirrup, providing extra stability and safety and allowing you to focus solely on your riding technique.

You can get under or over the knee boots. They will keep your feet protected from falling objects or potentially harmful pieces of equipment around the stables while offering breathability and style.

Sturdy Helmet

Falling off your horse can cause serious injuries, so ensuring you have a high-quality, sturdy helmet is absolutely essential. Before you even think about getting up on your horse, you need to get yourself a protective helmet to minimize any head trauma in the event of a fall. Using your old bike helmet will not suffice, and you must purchase a horse riding-specific option.

Riding Jacket

Whether you’re working in the stable or you’re out for the day on a long ride, having a great riding jacket is a must. Riding jackets offer breathability and protection while keeping you warm while you ride. Make sure you invest in a high-quality jacket that is made of durable materials. It needs to be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions while looking stylish and sophisticated.

Thick Gloves

It can be uncomfortable gripping thick leather or rubber reins for long periods of time while you ride. Buying yourself some thick riding gloves can protect your hands from the tough leather material, as well as strengthening your grip and making it easier to control your horse. This is going to be particularly helpful for new riders who are not used to tightly holding reins for hours on end. Getting well-fitted riding gloves will not restrict you from performing your usual daily activities in the stable either!

Half Chaps

Half chaps attach to your riding boots and wrap around the back of your calves. They provide an extra layer of protection for your lower legs while you’re riding. If you’re out for hours and hours, your legs can take the brute force of the ride, but half chaps can reduce the friction to keep your legs out of harm’s way.

Half chaps are available in multiple sizes, materials, styles, and colors, so you can most certainly find a pair that suit your needs and preferences perfectly.

Back Protector

As with many other sports, keeping your back well-protected in horse riding is essential. Investing in a high-quality back protector ensures your spine and the surrounding muscles are supported and stabilized during your rides. Back protectors are often made from durable, yet light-weight materials that don’t feel heavy on the body. Make sure you find a protector that fits your body perfectly. You want one that is tight enough to be effective but does not restrict your movements or breathing.

Riding Socks

Thick, high-performance riding socks are designed specifically for riders. They offer comfort, warmth, and breathability for your feet so you can enjoy time with your horse. Riding socks are not confined to competitions. You can wear them during your training sessions or while you’re walking around the stables to protect your feet. There are multiple designs and colors available, so get yourself a few pairs and experience maximum comfort!

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