Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

Everyone has hobbies, but some people find it hard to discover theirs. If you are one of those people that cannot find a hobby to save your life, then this article is for you. This post will be discussing five hobbies that can help improve the mental and physical health of those who partake in them. Hanging out with friends? Check. Doing something creative? You betcha! This post is excellent for anyone looking to try a new hobby or make their current ones even better than they already are.

Make Cooking Fun for Yourself

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

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Cooking is a fun hobby that can allow you to try new things, save money and make delicious food. Cooking is a great hobby that you can tailor to suit your needs. If you love baking, try experimenting with new recipes like the blueberry delight recipe and ingredients. If you are looking for cooking inspiration, try following celebrity chefs on social media.

If baking is not your thing, but you love the idea of making something delicious from fresh ingredients, look into different cultures and explore cuisines that use simple ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes.  You’ll be able to find recipes online or in cookbooks at your local library. 

Upcycling Everything You Own

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

This is an excellent idea for those looking to find an activity that will allow them to feel hands-on while also creating something they can use. If you’re not the creative type, this may be a good way of getting your creativity flowing. This hobby might require some money upfront, but it saves too because upcycled items are cheaper than other alternatives and usually don’t cost anything after that initial purchase! You’ll have plenty of fun creations in no time at all.

Upcycling everything you own has become more popular over the years as people continue trying new things. The premise behind this pastime is simple: take old materials or objects and turn them into something else entirely by repurposing their form or function.

This is a great entry-level hobby for anyone looking to perfect their DIY skills or perhaps go as far as becoming an entrepreneur. All you need are some old materials, your imagination, and the patience that comes with experimentation until you find something useful.

Paint Something Beautiful

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

You can paint anything, even if you think painting is not your thing. Just start with an easy project like a mug or use the entire canvas! You’ll have something beautiful in no time and might find yourself having more fun than you expected. 

Get started by picking out some colors from the palette sections of any art store, then decide what size surface area you want to work on (e.g., coffee cup painting). Now all that is left for you to do is get comfortable and unleash your inner artist.

Start a Podcast With Friends

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

Podcasts are the new blogs, and they’re so much easier to produce than you might think! They can be whatever you want—a co-hosted chat show, an interview series, or even just one person talking about their passions for forty minutes at a time. 

All it requires is some free software called Audacity that will let you record your voice on your computer and edit out any mistakes afterward. To get started, find two people who have similar interests but different perspectives to bring fresh dialogue into the mix then,  make sure both of them know how to use Audacity. Next, talk over Skype while recording in order to avoid technical difficulties and have fun!

Take Up Hiking

Adulting Tips: 5 Hobbies To Try if You Are Terrible at Finding One

Hiking is a great way to spend some time with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors. Not to mention that it’s an easy hobby for people who can’t find one since you just need to purchase or borrow hiking boots, and you’re good to go.

Check out some of the hikes near you, and see what looks interesting to try out! If there is an unfamiliar word on a hike description, look it up to know what kind of terrain and elevation gain to expect.


A hobby is a fun activity that gives you a chance to relax and enjoy yourself.  When choosing your next hobby, don’t think about what other people want or expect from you – choose something for yourself! Trying new things can be really empowering and it’s important to make time for your well-being on the side of taking care of others. There may not be one perfect hobby out there that will suit everyone, but with these ideas in mind, you’ll find something that sparks your interest.


  1. I love this concept! Cooking and hiking are definitely two adult hobbies that have made everyday life more enjoyable.

  2. These are such great ideas! My hobbies are dancing and photography 🙂

  3. So far, I’m still busy with my cooking adventures but I’m really hoping to try hiking, painting and doing podcasts soon.

  4. It is never too late to find a hobby. Hiking and exercise are a great addition to your routine for sure! I recently just got into refinishing furniture, and I love it!

  5. Great ideas! And I agree, you should choose something for yourself. Choose something that you find enjoyable.


    I really do enjoy cooking and the kids love to join in too which works well. It’s good that they want to learn to cook different foods.

  7. Since the global pandemic made our stay at home. I started again to take care of my plants and discovered recycling and upcycling. Used bottles and containers were repurposed as planters.

  8. I don’t have any problem finding a hobby because I already have several. I do want to be more active outdoors so hiking is a good choice.

  9. Its the cooking and hiking for me. So that when I have a good meal, I will still remain fit

  10. I love hiking and cooking. It’s beautiful to discover a hobby as a adult.

  11. Wow! These are really fun and exciting hobbies. I love cooking so I will try the other ones.

  12. Scarlett Brooklyn

    Great ideas! Good thing my mother have so many tables or closet to refurbish.

  13. I have tried all of these, except for the hiking and painting.

  14. My favorite hobbies are traveling and cooking. I also enjoy gardening.

  15. I like cooking and always can spend a few hours in the kitchen as a good break from the day to day. Hiking is something i should do more of because i love the outdoors and nature.

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