Comprehensive Gynecological Testing & Treatments in Ohio

Comprehensive Gynecological Testing & Treatments in Ohio

From pre-adolescence to menopause and after, one requires a caring and friendly medical partner to make sure that their reproductive system remains fully healthy and functional throughout the life of a woman. Fortunately, Dr. David W. Foulk, founder of Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., is a professional gynecologist and experienced surgeon who strives to offer the most effective solutions for all your reproductive health needs. Regardless of whether you have a gynecologic issue, or want to schedule an annual exam, call their office or go online to request an appointment with a gynecologist in Marion, Ohio.

What Are the Benefits of an Annual Exam?

At Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., Dr. Foulk and the OBGYN specialists take a holistic approach to patient care in order to maintain optimal reproductive health. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, girls should initially visit a gynecological facility at about 13-15 years. However, annual gynecological exams for patients below 21 years old don’t involve a pelvic examination.

Teens with vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, or other menstrual disorders might call for an internal examination, but in most cases, initial consultation with your provider focuses primarily on patient education. It offers a chance to establish a great patient-doctor relationship and address body image issues, weight management, anatomical development, self-confidence, contraception, protection from STIs, and immunizations.

Women should continue to visit their gynecologist every year for well-woman exams if they experience any problems with their period or have issues before, during, and after menopause. The gynecologic specialists at the facility are also skilled in obstetrics. Through their vast knowledge and experience, these providers can help you with fertility issues and pregnancy care.

What to Expect with a Gynecological Exam?

A patient’s gynecological exam comprises two parts. Initially, your provider will determine if you are in good health before Dr. Foulk or your selected OBGYN specialist evaluates your reproductive organ. During an exam, the Marion practitioners may weigh you, inquire about any concerns or issues you have, discuss your family and medical history, evaluate your blood pressure, and perform urine & blood tests.

Depending on a patient’s age and whether he/she is sexually active, the Marion specialists may conduct a pelvic exam, a PAP test, and palpate the breasts to check for lumps. Moreover, your respective provider may recommend an examination of your vaginal and vulvar area in an aide or nurse’s presence. The specialists at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. use speculums to visualize the inside of a patient’s cervix and vagina. They might also perform blood tests or cervical swabs to check for STDs and any other necessary tests.

What Other Roles Does a Gynecologic Specialist Undertake?

The specialists at Marion OBGYN Inc. do everything, from preventative exams and highly-skilled, innovative treatments to invasive procedures. The practice incorporates the most advanced diagnostic devices, technologies, and innovative approaches to achieve optimal results.

Some of the cutting-edge tests performed at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. include Colposcopy, OVA1 test, Pap smear cytology, Urodynamics evaluations, Cryotherapy, and BRCA/Colaris testing. The latest imaging techniques invested in this facility are ultrasound, endometrial biopsy, loop electrosurgical excision, in-office hysteroscope, and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.

That said, if you are seeking the most advanced gynecological testing procedures and treatments blended with the values of support, listening, and care, get in touch with Dr. Foulk and the specialists today. Call Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. or go online to request an appointment.

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