Business owners need to emphasize the importance of good benefits packages for employees. Generally, most employees will quit a company if they feel like they’re not being treated as well as they should be. This has been amplified since the pandemic, with many workers reflecting on their careers after months of being at home. In fact, this is one of the many reasons for the staffing shortages across the country – employees are leaving companies that don’t treat them right. 

Having a good benefits program is the start, and it all boils down to the types of benefits you offer employees. Sure, giving them discounts on your own products/services might be cool, as will general discount cards for other shops. But, the key to a good program is providing something that will genuinely be beneficial for them. As a result, it’s no surprise that health care benefits are the best to offer your staff. 


Well, it’s no secret that health care services are extremely expensive. And yet, they are absolutely essential for ensuring that we’re fit and healthy. You need doctor’s checkups, you need treatment, you need prescription medication. But, you have to find ways of affording all of this – which can be super expensive for someone with a medical condition. 

So, providing benefits for employees means you can make care more affordable for them. This allows them to go out and get the services they need. It could mean that someone is able to get an x-ray on something that’s been bothering them for a few months. As a result, they are able to seek treatment for it just in time. It’s not an over-exaggeration to suggest that you could save lives by providing health care benefits to your employees. They value these benefits extremely highly, which can also help you retain your staff. At the same time, it’s easier to recruit new employees when you have a strong benefits package that leans heavily on health care. 

What health care benefits can you provide employees?

When you do your research into things, you will find there are loads of different benefits out there. There’s not enough time to go through them all, but here are some common ideas to try: 

  • Medical insurance – Offer medical coverage to your employees that can cover things from doctor’s visits, ER visits, basic procedures, and surgeries. 
  • Dental insurance – Likewise, you can give them extra coverage for dental checkups and procedures. Dental work is so expensive, so this will be very highly valued by your employees. 
  • Pharmacy benefits – You can also offer prescription benefits, giving your employees lower rates for prescription drugs. A lot of companies use things like Benecard PBF to help manage these benefits, and it’s really helpful for employees that need regular medication; like those with allergies. 

There are literally dozens of additional health care benefits you can provide, and here’s a more detailed list of them for you to check out. 

The overall summary is that health care benefits are a winning choice for both your business and its employees. You can keep your employees happy and healthy, ensuring they have a reason to stick around. This means you can reduce things like turnover rates and onboarding costs, improve productivity, and create a fantastic company atmosphere.