Cybersecurity Solutions: 5 Things All Businesses Need to Be Doing in 2022

Cybersecurity Solutions: 5 Things All Businesses Need to Be Doing in 2022

The unfortunate reality is that many small and medium businesses don’t prioritize cyber security as much as they should. Their primary focus should indeed be on providing exceptional products and services, but this should never come at the expense of crucial cyber security tasks. 

If you’ve had a recent security scare or are simply ready to make your business safer online, there are some core areas to focus on first. Here are the key steps you should consider taking in 2022:   

Hiring Experts to Help

You might be an expert in most parts of your business, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a handle on what it takes to master internet security. That’s where business IT support comes in. Rather than trying to muddle your way through online cyber security guides, you can work with experts in the field to make sure your business is as secure as possible. 

The best IT support company will help you through your general IT concerns and strengthen your current cyber security measures if they’re lacking. Most also offer 24/7 monitoring and support, giving you complete peace of mind that your business and customers are safe. 

Backing Up Your Data

We rely on technology so much in our everyday lives that we often expect it to work seamlessly, without any hiccups. However, just like us, technology can be flawed. Data can be lost through cyberattacks and malfunctioning systems, and this is actually a lot more common than you might think. A 2020 survey revealed that one in four retailers lost critical business data permanently

Take this opportunity to back up your data to ensure this never happens to you. A physical backup and uploading your data to the cloud may protect you from losing any critical business information. 

Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method that ensures users provide at least two forms of evidence before being given access to systems, apps, and other secure services. You still need to enter a username and password, but you might also need to enter a code sent to another device or even use your fingerprint. 

Wherever multi-factor authentication is offered, consider utilizing it. Even if unauthorized users hack your username and password, their access attempts should be thwarted at the next stage. 

Educating Staff Members

Individuals and organizations that create phishing attacks and scams are only getting more intelligent, but our knowledge of these cyber threats can often lag behind. Something that looks innocent could be a cleverly-disguised scam, and one wrong click of the mouse could see your entire business brought to its knees. 

This year, make a point of educating all staff members on safe internet use to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. There are plenty of training and education options available to assist you in this endeavor. 

Connecting to Secure Networks

Most people don’t think twice about the WiFi networks they use. As long as it works, what’s the issue? However, many public WiFi networks are not secure and provide easy access for hackers. 

The penetration testing company Singapore offers a range of cybersecurity services to safeguard against potential cyber attacks, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

If you’re trying to access crucial business information while waiting at an airport, avoid connecting to their public network if possible. If you must, consider installing a VPN on your device to keep your information private. 

Technology is changing rapidly, so our approach to cybersecurity must change with it. If you haven’t yet put time and effort into making sure your business information is as safe as possible, now is the right time to review your options. 

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