Designing a Horse Barn: How to Build a Horse Stall

Designing a Horse Barn: How to Build a Horse Stall

The height of most horses averages around 15.2 hands. 

When you’re trying to figure out how to build a horse stall, the size of the horse is just one of the many considerations you need to look at. For one, you want the stalls to match the barn itself. For two, you want to make sure they are built right so your horse won’t be injured or feel confined. For three, the number of horses you have must be considered.

Designing a horse barn doesn’t have to feel impossible, as professional builders are available to help. Modern horse barns can be as extravagant or as simple as you want them to be. Whether you’re wanting a more rustic look with an old-fashioned horse barn or a beautiful new construction is up to personal taste and budget.

Keep reading to find out about how to build a horse stall.

The Size of Your Horse Stall

A key factor in designing a horse stall will depend on the size of horses you’ll be keeping. There are breeds that are large and powerful, and then there are others that are tiny like the miniature horse. The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size requirement of your horses. The larger the horse, the bigger the stall should be.

You should also take into consideration any extra space you may want for mares who are breeding. Having a little one will require that the stall is larger and more enclosed. This will prevent the youngest from getting caught in the fence.

The Look of Your Barn 

Another big decision to make is the look and shape you want while designing a barn. The horse stalls inside should complement the direction you want to go in. The wood choices, the color choices, all of them should reflect the barn that you are building.

In addition, make sure the barn doesn’t take away from how much room the horses have to stretch their legs in your field. Horses need 1 ½ – 2 acres per animal to thrive. You can cut this down, but we all know that horses need their space.

How to Build a Horse Stall

We have a few important tips for designing a barn. When it comes to building a horse stall, you have two options.

The first is that you can do it yourself, and this will require carpentry tools and knowledge. You will have to be able to cut and plane the wood and sand it down.

This will require that you invest in tools and supplies. You want to make sure that your skills are also adequate, as doing an incorrect job could lead to injury for your horses.

The second option you have is to hire a professional to build the barn and the stall for you. Professional builders like have many options available for you. Choosing their services ensures that you get what you want and that the construction is done right.

Whether you want a specific type of building or specific interior choices, a professional can achieve what you want to be built. This makes having a professional who already knows how to build horse stalls a valuable asset.

A Perfect Place for Your Horses

When it comes to taking care of horses, every choice you make will either make things easier or harder. Get the barn and stall that you want. How to build a horse stall is central to raising and successfully breeding horses. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Your horses are worth the expense.

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