How to Keep Your Cat Safe


All cat owners know that they’re not just pets. They’re part of our families. Cats have big personalities, and they are capable of getting into all kinds of trouble when we’re not looking.

That’s why we love them! But of course, we want our furry friends to be safe, no matter where they like to play.

Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to easily cat-proof the inside and outside of your home. You’ll learn how to keep your cat safe in no time.

How to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe

The first step in how to keep your cat safe outside is prevention. Make sure they are up to date on all of their vaccinations. You should inoculate your cat against FIV, FIP, rabies, and anything else your local veterinarian recommends.

Some vaccines need to be given multiple times, so make sure to ask your vet at each of your yearly checkups.

You should also be aware of the perimeter of your cat’s outdoor space. Are they able to escape easily? Some cats may run out of your yard without realizing that they will get lost.

If you have any trees that hang over a neighbor’s yard, the street, or anywhere else outside your property, consider trimming the branches. Cats like to climb, and it would be too easy for one to escape in a flash.

Similarly, consider an outdoor cat fence to keep your critter contained. With this type of fence in place, you can rest easy knowing your cat is safe in your yard.

Keep Your Cat Safe Indoors

In some ways, an indoor cat faces more hazards than an outdoor cat. Consider all of the appliances, wires, and other devices they have access to inside your home.

The first step in cat-proofing is to sweep each room in your home looking for electronics, exposed wires, and anything else dangerous that may be accessible to the kitty. This includes things stored higher up on shelves or behind other furniture.

These exposed items should be sealed up in a container the cat can’t open – consider investing in some plastic bins or other storage to prevent injury.

This also goes for food. Be careful of the pantry or anything else stored in an open area. Even if it isn’t dangerous to the cat, it could still make them sick, or cause weight gain, or other medical issues.

Finally, keep a stash of toys around. Cats are curious and need stimulation to be happy. If they aren’t provided with any fun, they’ll make their own. So they’re less likely to claw at your toaster if they’re already occupied with cat-friendly toys.

Start Cat-Proofing Your Home Today

Wherever your kitty likes to hang out, it’s always a good idea to routinely sweep your entire home to ensure any hazards are out of reach.

Tools such as cat toys, fencing, and proper storage can reduce instances of your cat being hurt by anything inside or outside your house.

Don’t hesitate to invest in your cat’s safety. Fluffy will thank you for it! For more articles like this, be sure to visit this page often.

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