Designing a Vintage Dining Room

Designing a Vintage Dining Room

A lover of everything vintage? Then your home is probably already styled to match. If you’ve just moved in to a new place or are looking for a change to your dining room, here are some suggestions on how you can turn it into a vintage lover’s dream. 

Designing a Vintage Dining Room


Either for everyday use, or if you want to reserve your vintage glassware for special occasions, these will look great on your dining table. From champagne coups to martini glasses and decanters, choosing the right glassware will help enhance the feeling of a gone-by era. You can buy modern-made but vintage-style sets, or you can go all out and by some antique glassware.

Decorative Rug

A rug underneath your table will help to give your dining room an authentic vintage feel. Handmade Persian rugs look fabulous on wooden floors, and will help to stop your furniture from scratching the waxed floorboards. 

Drinks Trolley

A drinks trolley will make a wonderful addition to your vintage dining room and most will fit comfortably in the corner. They are a good place to display your crystal decanters and will enable you to serve drinks to your guests without having to go back and forth to the kitchen. They will also be easily moved into the living room if you want somewhere more comfortable to sit while digesting dinner. 

Record Player

It’s nice to have music playing softly in the background at a dinner party, and what better way to create a retro feel than with a record player? With the popularity in vinyl records having grown in recent years, it’s very easy to find old players and records to place on your sideboard. 

Designing a Vintage Dining Room

Dinner Sets

If you want to add a truly vintage feel to your dining experience, then you should be looking at purchasing some antique dinner sets. As with glassware, it is easy to find dinner sets that are modern-made but still have the style that you’re looking for if that is more cost-effective for you. Second-hand sellers are another great source of modern, yet antique-style, sets like these that won’t cost as much as some antique stores. 

Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are great for storing all of your glass- and dinnerware when they’re not in use. Having these items on show will help to enhance the vintage experience of the room. You can even place photographs and other items on them for a more personal touch. 


Nothing makes a dinner feel more elegant and sophisticated than carefully placed candles on the table. They are absolutely perfect if you’re planning on making you and your partner a romantic meal for two. There are various different holders that you can purchase for your dining table, and if you want to feel majestic, you could even get yourself a candelabra as the centerpiece! 

Adding all or just a few of these items into your dining room will help to transport the room back in time to different era, creating the perfect vintage dining experience. 


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