Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks: Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks: Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

Do not let the calendar fool you. There is still plenty of time to wear vintage-inspired summer looks before fall approaches. Depending on the outfits you choose, it can be possible to modify them so they also work for the cooler months. Knowing how to nail the shabby chic trend is a way to implement soft, vintage-inspired styles for a gorgeous, attention-grabbing look. 

Mix it up

Just because you are aiming for a vintage-inspired fashionable, shabby chic look does not mean you have to go all out with it from head to toe. Implementing modern elements with shabby chic influences could be a great way to blend the two. 

For example, you could wear a beige flowing floral printed skirt with a women’s cropped fleece hoodie by BELLA+CANVAS, the first piece embodying the shabby chic style with the second personifying modern summer fashionability. However, if you want the modern piece to have a hint of shabby chic, consider its color. 

Let’s say you want to pair the cropped hoodie with the previously mentioned skirt. Instead of choosing the sweatshirt in a dark color like black, opt for a hue like heather dust. 

Evaluate the structure and color of the pieces

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

The right pieces will have the vintage-inspired feel you desire, but choose carefully, because certain clothing items will have a more modern vibe. For example, a white cotton button-up may be an ideal option, but it depends on its design. If it is too structured, it will likely fall into the modern category, while one that is breezy and flowy may fit into the shabby chic classification. 

Embrace lighter colors 

Avoid dark colors if you are going for shabby chic. Stick to quintessential vintage-inspired shades like beige, white, baby pink, light blue, cream, and soft yellow. Opt for pastels and neutrals over shades like red, dark blue, and black. There are some exceptions, but typically, the softer the colors are, the better.

Use feminine shabby chic hair accessories 

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

Whether you are wearing your hair down, partially up, or you have it in an updo, feminine shabby chic hair accessories can be a beautiful addition. Think romance in springtime. 

Hair accessories containing elements like burlap flowers, mini pearls, crystals, roses, and lace are pieces to consider. They can look lovely on any style and length of hair, and their placement is completely up to the final look you want to achieve. 

Avoid dark-colored jeans

Although dresses are most associated with the shabby chic style, it does not mean you should feel forced into wearing them to nail the trend. It is entirely possible to wear jeans if that is what makes you feel most comfortable. 

However, if you want to stick as close to shabby chic as possible, avoid dark-colored jeans. Opt for light blue jeans rather than shades like dark blue or black. Pair them with a top that has shabby chic elements, such as pastel hues and dainty patterns. 

Incorporate florals 

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

A floral print is typically the most prominent pattern of the shabby chic design. The more vintage the print looks, the more it will fit into the trend, and it’s also one that incorporates beautifully into the summer season. 

Typically, you also want to shy away from large floral prints in favor of small and delicate ones. For example, miniature roses would be ideal instead of big, bold roses all over the fabric. 

Choose ruffled pieces 

Ruffles are a lovely element of the shabby chic style. Popular areas of clothing pieces on which you will find them include the sleeves, the hem of a skirt or dress, or from the waist or hip area down to the hem. They add a charming detail to the garment for a feminine, flowy effect. 

Incorporate lace

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

There is no doubt that lace fabric is easily recognizable as having vintage vibes with the soft, feminine appeal of shabby chic. Its delicate, open construction is also a wonderful way to allow a soft summer breeze to hit your skin and provide some cooling relief in warm summer temperatures.

Some clothing pieces may have lace detailing, such as on the waist, sleeves, or hem of a garment. Smaller touches are on accessories like hair clips or handbags. 

For those who prefer more lace prominence, look for dresses with a lace overlay or that have the lace covering either the top or the bottom of the piece. Many shabby chic-inspired tops will also feature lace components, such as on the shoulders, neckline, or sleeves. 

It is always important to read the washing instructions on garments, but considering the delicate nature of lace, it is even more important to do so to avoid damaging the clothing. This is especially vital if there is a wide area of lace, such as an overlay, that could easily snag on zippers and other fasteners. 

Aim for light and flowy 

Whether you are wearing a dress, skirt, or a top with pants, seek lightweight and flowy clothing. Envision fabric that lightly blows a bit when a breeze meets it and feels cool and comfortable in warm weather. It is the type of material made for balmy spring and summer evenings when you are ready to show off how fabulous you are. 

Opt for skirts and dresses

Vintage-Inspired Summer Looks Nailing the Shabby Chic Trend

If two items epitomize the shabby chic style, it is skirts and dresses. Incorporate one or more of the previously mentioned aspects of the style, but remember that often less is more. However, it also depends on the construction and overall design of the dress or skirt and not so much being nitpicky about each element. 

Some options to consider include white lace dresses, beige floral skirts with ruffles, baby pink paisley dresses, peach rosette-print dresses with ruffles at the bottom, and pale blue cap sleeve dresses. Ballet flats or simple strappy neutral-hued flats are almost always stylish summer options to go with dresses or skirts.

If the shabby chic trend is not your typical summer style and you are feeling a bit apprehensive about giving it a try, consider starting simple and diving deeper into the trend as you feel more comfortable. As always, choose pieces you truly love that make you feel fierce, confident, and like your best, most fashionable self. 

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