WiFi Garage Door Opener Reviews

WiFi Garage Door Opener Reviews

A Wi-Fi garage door opener is the easiest way to have control over your entryway using a smartphone or tablet, Wi-Fi connection, and an app. The app shows you the status of the door, so you won’t have to go check if the entry is open or not. With a simple glimpse over your phone or tablet, you’ll get much more information than with your regular control and opener system.

A Wi-Fi opener has an app that shares important information about your garage’s door, including if it has been open for too much time, or if it has been opened manually, indicating a possible case of burglary.

You also have some features, including the option to schedule an hour to open your gateway or let a neighbor open it as long as it has permission, and this is decided by you, and you can change it whenever you want.

Of course, choosing from a wide variety of brands and types may be difficult. Different brands mean different prices, features, and benefits. Depending on what you are looking for, you may want to check on some reviews. We are going to showcase some of the possible options you may choose from.

Most of them will have basic features, though. It depends heavily on what you are expecting to get from your Wi-Fi opener. Do you want a voice system to control your garage door or just the fundamental tap-to-open feature? There are several reviews to consider, too, and I personally recommend visiting this one: .

The Chamberlain MyQ-G0301.

This one is recommended if you want to keep things simple. The installation is rather straightforward, as well as the app. It works with Google Assistant and Homekit, too. 

The physical setup is rather simple. The app’s interface is user-friendly and allows multiple devices to be used. You have to consider that it doesn’t work with Alexa. 

This model includes a sensor for your it and a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi. By sending a command through your smartphone, tablet, or any other device, it will receive it then proceed to fulfill such command. Also, you can check the status of your gateway at any time and set up alarms for certain conditions, like letting your entry door open for more than 5 minutes.

This model will work with most gateways made after 1993 with standard safety sensors. If you buy a $49 adapter for the Apple Homekit compatibility, you’ll be able to use it with Siri and perform even more personalization to your garage, like turning on the lights when the door is opened. 

The NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Opener.

In contrast to the previous one, this one is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This one is pretty similar to the Chamberlain MyQ but can be moderately difficult to setup. What makes it more complicated is the fact that you have to run a wire from your gateway to the opener for it to work.

You also have the choice to set up multiple users through the app to give permission to others to use the Wi-Fi opener.

Something you have to consider is that some doors won’t work with this one, so you should be careful about this. Some research is recommended before purchasing.

The Garadget

This one goes outside the box since it works with lasers. Of course, installation can be a little trickier, and the lasers itself may cause some problems, like the app sending inaccurate alarms occasionally. 

The Garadget uses lasers to check the status of the gateway and lets you know if the door is open or not. It also shows when the door is opening in real-time thanks to the lasers. 

You have the option to customize alarms depending on your needs, and you can use it with Alexa, SmartThings, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

The GarageMate

This one is probably the simplest one out of the ones we mentioned. All the previous choices were meant to connect to your phone through a Wi-Fi connection. This one is quite different since you use your phone but connect it with the device through Bluetooth. That means you won’t be able to check up your gateway status if you are far away from home. It also does not work with any smart home system or voice assistant available in the market. You can still use it with Siri and the Google Assistant, though. 

This one is the cheapest and simplest one out of the options we shared.

What to look when deciding for a Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener.

If you don’t own a Wi-Fi opener, you might want to pick the one that fits your needs the most. Price is something to consider too. Always research if a Wi-Fi entry opener is compatible with your garage door beforehand and try to look for the one that seems to most compatible to you and your house’s needs.

There are a lot of things to consider. Do you want a Wi-Fi garage door opener that lets you check the status of your door while you are not at home, or a simple Bluetooth garage door opener is enough for you, for when you are at home? If the latest is the answer, consider that they usually work within 20 feet of your house. A Wi-Fi opener has its own advantages but can be more expensive. To know more about Wi-Fi door openers, you should visit this site. 

Our Personal Opinion

The Chamberlain MyQ-G0301 seems to fit almost all situations. If you don’t use Alexa, this might be the best choice for you, considering how easy it is to set up, its user-friendly interface, and its price. Also, this specific brand is really great at teaching its customers how to use their products correctly, since they have a wide variety of guides online you can check, like how to set up the Wi-Fi device with your garage door opener, and which one of their products is compatible with your gateway. 

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