Diamond Transparency And What It Means

Diamond Transparency And What It Means

Diamond Transparency And What It Means

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There is a common misconception that all diamonds are very clear stones that sparkle and glimmer in the light. The real question we should be asking however is, are the diamonds really that clear and transparent? 

It’s good to note that there are certain things that cause a diamond to be clear and other things that can diminish its transparency. One of the most important factors to consider first, however, is the meaning of the term transparency. When people talk about transparent diamonds, they are referring to the stone being transparent itself and also whether the stone looks cleaner or less clean due to its flaws. 

Now we have ironed out the meaning of the word transparency in relation to a diamond, it’s good to consider when buying rings, and jewellers such as Certified Diamond Network has exceptional wedding rings Sydney couples would love. Always remember that a clear diamond with a strong crystal structure will allow more light to pass through it and give the stone more of a sparkle. 

Diamond Transparency 

As we have discussed above, the clearer the diamond’s transparency, the clearer the crystal structure. Even though the stone is made purely of carbon, it will also have traces of other substances and materials that were part of the diamond’s formation process. This also means it will have certain impurities and the fewer they have, the clearer the diamond will look. 

Moreover, the transparency refers to the degree the diamond transmits light and how this is impacted by its impurities, which adds to the cloudiness of a diamond. 

A diamonds transparency will differ from stone to stone and will be graded from poor through to excellent. This will be dependent on how much light flows through and how much gets disturbed due to the characteristics of the diamond and relative impurities.
In the jewellers’ world, transparency also means pellucidity and in regards to other crystals, the diamond has a brilliant light return and brilliance which is why the sparkle factor is so strong. 

Diamond Transparency And What It Means

Image Source: Pixabay

What Impacts A Diamonds Transparency? 

The transparency of a diamond can be impacted in many ways. You may have heard of the term fluorescence which can have a direct impact on the crystals ability to transmit light. However, it’s safe to say that diamonds with any level of clarity or any cut grade will have amazing transparency and a brilliant sparkle. The fluorescence might give the diamond a cloudier appearance in the sun but this is not a rule of thumb. It happens only in some cases and even a fluorescent diamond can still have a brilliant level of transparency. 

This means it really is down to the individual stone itself as it’s tricky to class all diamonds with a certain characteristic into one category. There are various transparency grading systems online that can help you accurately assess the diamond in your possession and give you a good idea of its transparency level too. 

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