Is Your Garden Fit For Fall?

Is Your Garden Fit For Fall?

Is Your Garden Fit For Fall?

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Just because the summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the outdoors into the autumnal months. September is a month that brings cooler sunshine with just a hint of chill. Don’t pack away your garden furniture just yet and consider the sorts of additions you can make to your garden to extend your outdoor living goals. Having a rear garden is a luxury. It means that you can enjoy the outdoors and not be cooped up indoors at all times. Ensure that you follow this guide to make your garden fit for fall.


While summer may have been all flora and fauna with bright colors, bee attracting plants and heavily scented flowers, it’s time to consider plants that are a little more structural. Hardier plants will survive the chillier evenings and ground frosts that can develop in the fall. If you aren’t sure how or what to plant, consider hiring a landscaping services company who can sit down with you to discuss what you want out of a garden. They’ll advise on appropriate planting, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to flower care and how green fingered you are.  You could opt for some acer trees, some palms or some robust lavenders and bays.

If plants and flowers aren’t your thing, perhaps you might be keen to sow some vegetables. Being self sufficient means growing your own potatoes, onions and carrots. Vegetable growing is the ideal way to engage your kids with gardening and to tear them away from their video games.

Outdoor Dining

If the weather is still pleasant where you live, the chances are you will still want to partake in a spot of al fresco dining. This can be tricky if the rainy season is setting in. If you love whipping out the barbecue or dining outside next to your fire pit, it might be time to put up an awning. This can make it easier to enjoy the outdoors even if the heavens decide to open. A fire pit is also good for those cooler evenings where you might need a jacket or throw to keep you warm as you enjoy the last remnants of burgers, hot pulled pork and chicken wings. Enjoy evening soirees where you invite your nearest and dearest around to enjoy the last few warmer evenings of fall outside for a spot of al fresco dining.

Zonal Gardens

The best gardens that are most fit for purpose are those that have distinct zones. Rather than being a hotpot of plants, make your garden exciting for all the family. Have a wide expanse of lawn for the kids to play and have a kick around on with a ball. Have a vegetable trough at the back for growing your own grub. Enjoy an alpine rockery feature for more hardy plants, evergreens and a structural rockery. And enjoy a patio where you can put out your dining furniture to enjoy a barbecue with pals.

Having your own garden can seem like a lot of responsibility and a lot of people let them fall into jungle like territory. Make your garden fit for fall by following this guide.

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