Custom Diamond Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings In Canada

Custom Diamond Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings In Canada

Wedding and Engagement Rings

When you are getting ready to get married or to propose, you want the most beautiful ring for your partner. You could buy one off the shelf, and it could be beautiful, but there will be other people with similar rings. If you want something that no one else has, you could always design a custom ring.

You could go to almost any jewelry store to get a custom ring, but you need to be careful. If you go to engagement rings, they can guarantee that your ring will be special. There won’t be another one like it – just like there will never be another person like your future fiancé. 

This article will help you to learn more about custom rings and how to find them. It will also go into some detail about how to make a custom ring. You will want to do some more research to make sure that you will get exactly the ring that you want. 

Custom Diamond Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings In Canada

Why Get a Custom Ring?

You want to give your future fiancé the ring of a lifetime – one that no one else has. Your partner is not like anyone else, why should their ring be like hundreds of others? You want to show them how special they are and you can do that with a custom ring. It is harder to do with a ring that you bought off the shelf. Although a custom ring may be a little more costly, isn’t your partner worth it?

Only with a customized ring can you get the exact setting that you want, along with the perfect jewel. You might consider looking at other jewels rather than just diamonds because you want a unique ring. Everyone wants diamonds, but maybe your future fiancé wants a sapphire or ruby for sentimental reasons. See here for other jewels you can add to your ring: You can do that with a customized ring – you can even choose the type of setting that you want. You could choose silver over gold to get just the right setting to show off that jewel that you chose. It is all up to you and you can take your design to a jeweler to have it made just to your specifications. 

You could also make a custom ring that utilizes family heirloom jewelry. Did your parents or grandparents have just the perfect diamond or another jewel for their ring? Did you love the jewel, but not the setting? Or did you just want the jewel with another setting so that it would be unique to your fiancé? Either way, you could place that old jewelry into a new setting and have a custom ring that has special meaning.

Custom Diamond Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings In Canada

You might want to have a professional designer help you with your ring instead. You might want to do this if you feel that you don’t have any design sense. You might also want to do this for special circumstances that you don’t know how to design around. For example, your fiancé might work with their hands all day and they need a special setting to be able to do that with their ring on. A professional designer would know exactly the right type of setting that would be more secure so that they would be less likely to lose their jewel. They could also help with other aspects of your custom ring that you may need help with. 

You might also want a diamond or other jewel that is ethically mined and if you have a custom ring, you can make sure that happens. You can talk to the artisan that is creating your ring and tell them that you want a lab created diamond or that you want to be able to trace the jewel to the place where it was mined. An artisan can help you to do just that so you have a ring that is ethically the right one for your partner. 

Custom Diamond Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings In Canada


You will have to set a budget for designing your own ring – and you have to make sure that it is a budget that you can live with. You don’t want to spend more money than you can afford and then regret the decision later or not be able to pay for it. If you have a lower budget there are alternatives for you that don’t require you to buy off the shelf. Instead of having a beautiful diamond, maybe look at sapphires or lab made diamonds to save a few dollars. Some of those other jewels will not only save you some money, but they will also still shine just as brightly, if not even brighter. You might be able to surprise your partner with something they hadn’t thought of but will love. 

You will also have to remember that the engagement ring will not be the only ring that you will be buying. There will also be a wedding ring to go along with it, so you need to budget that with the engagement ring. This will nearly double your budget, so you want to make sure that the engagement ring, along with the wedding ring, will be within the budget that you have set for yourself. See here for a typical budget for both rings. You want your future fiancé to be happy with both rings, so don’t settle for less. 


You will want to keep in mind that you will not be able to return a custom ring or even substantially alter it. You will have to keep the ring, so make sure that you have it designed in a way that will satisfy your partner. Don’t make any outlandish design that you are not sure your partner won’t like, take it easy and design a ring that will be modest and beautiful at the same time.


You want your engagement ring and wedding ring to be as unique as your partner, and the way to do this is to customize a ring just for them. You can choose any jewel and any setting to make the perfect ring just for them. You will definitely make them love you even more with a custom ring from their favorite jeweler. 

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