DIY home makeover you can do on a budget

DIY home makeover you can do on a budget

A simple home makeover can add hundreds of thousands in dollars to a home’s value. Renovating your home becomes one of the best investments you can ever think of as regards your property. But the best thing about it is that you don’t always have to spend so much money hiring home renovation experts; you can do your home makeover DIY on a budget.

As with any DIY project, executing your home improvement yourself will require a lot of skill and purchases. So you want to be cautious so that you buy specifically the right items you need (buying something you later realized wouldn’t fit or doesn’t work would be a waste of money). Also, whatever type of home makeover you want to do, whether a kitchen renovation or painting project, ensure you read the DIY procedures online to get it right.

 So, let’s begin.

 1. Give your kitchen a new look

A kitchen renovation can give up to a 72% return on investment. For big projects, you can expect to add up to a hundred thousand grand to the value of a home with a high-end kitchen remodel.

But you can also make things easier and do a budget DIY kitchen renovation by updating or changing your cabinets.

Since you’d be setting up the cabinet yourself, it’s better to get an RTA cabinet as the price will not only be cheaper, but you can assemble the cabinet yourself. RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets are delivered to you disassembled, so the cost of transportation is far less than an already assembled one. If you can get a place where they sell RTA cabinets wholesale, you can also purchase more than one cabinet to vamp up your kitchen incredibly. You spend less while getting more. 

2. Refresh your interior, exterior, or both with paint

Painting will always be on the list of home improvement ideas. Indeed, nothing works like magic more than a fresh coat of paint on your walls. It’s truly fantastic. If your house now looks bland and drab, all you may need is to repaint it, and its appeal returns in all its glory. First off, it becomes like a new building once more, and you as well as passersby will be awed when staring at it from afar.

That’s why painting the exterior alongside the interior can be such a fantastic idea.

Many things factor into the cost of painting a home, but the average cost of painting a single-story exterior of between 500 and 1,500 square feet can range between $1,000 and $3,600. While exterior painting can yield up to 55% ROI, interior painting can give around 55%. That’s an excellent value if you ask me.

 3. Clean up your vinyl siding

Vinyl siding can add immensely to your home’s appeal, keeping it looking new for years. However, it starts looking drab after some time. If you’re looking for a way to vamp up your home’s appeal on a budget, cleaning your vinyl siding may be all you need.

You see, you don’t need to hire an expert. All you need to clean your vinyl siding is a long-handled scrub brush, a garden hose, a cleanser, and some elbow grease. Check out how to clean vinyl siding DIY so that you make no mistakes.

 4. Rework the front door and other exterior accessories

Curb appeal matters significantly to how you and other people perceive your home. One way to boost your curb appeal is to make your front door a spotlight by painting it a bold color that makes it stand out. You wouldn’t be doing much, but the look immediately changes once you’re done.

To make things better, rewrite your house number and change out your mailbox. These things also serve as focal points in your exterior, so it’s wise to keep them looking fresh.

 5. Use removable wallpaper instead of paint

One fabulous home makeover you can do on a budget is using removable wallpapers.

There are three notable reasons why you should use removable wallpaper instead of painting for your interior:

  1.   You don’t want to go through the hassle of painting and splashing paint about
  2.   You prefer a unique 3D design which you can’t easily achieve by painting unless you hire a pro.
  3.   It’s not your home, so you may be moving out anytime soon.

Wallpapers offer so many designs to select from, and they’re relatively easy to install. All you need is the wallpaper, a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, and gum.

Check out how to place a removable wallpaper to make sure you get it right the first time.

 6. Hang wall art

Wall arts are a classic. People have always been used to buying expensive artworks by famous artists in the past centuries. These days, you could print out even panoramic photography from your iPhone and hang it on your wall to vamp up your home decor.

Before you place holes on the wall, make sure you layout the artwork(s), measure, and then mark out the space on the wall. This is to ensure you don’t put holes in the wrong places and ruin your walls.

If you don’t have framed pieces or can’t pay for panoramic photograph printing, head to antique stores or second-hand shops. You’re sure to get something worthy for minimal cash.

 7. Do a bathroom makeover

If you’re not financially capable of paying for a professional bathroom remodeling, simply upgrade your hardware and fixtures. When replacing cabinet pulls, use new ones that can fit into the old holes so that you won’t need to create new ones and patch up the old ones.

You can also replace or repaint your shower door, giving it a more modern look. You can replace a shower door with a modern frosted one, replace showerheads, and add storage shelves with just hundreds of dollars rather than thousands. And you can do all of that yourself if you learn the simple steps online.


Painting, kitchen cabinets, wall art, removable wallpapers, and vinyl siding cleaning are some ways you can do a home makeover without breaking the bank. These things will not only add value to your home but will make it more appealing and relaxing to you. And you see, a relaxing environment helps to relieve stress and boost your mood. 

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