DIY It Yourself: 4 Easy DIY Home Repairs for Beginners to Try

DIY It Yourself: 4 Easy DIY Home Repairs for Beginners to Try

Your home is a place to feel relaxed, cozy, and complete. Yet, more than 57 percent of Americans feel anything but restful in their homes. The reason is that they try to do too many projects at once, leaving them unfinished.

If you’re new to DIY home repairs, work on one project at a time. Start with the most urgent, and work down. You’ll stay on top of home maintenance without going driving yourself insane.

DIY Home Repairs List

Making a list of some DIY house projects that are within your reach is a good way to stay on task. Take a look at these DIY tips and manageable projects.

1. Fix Leaky Pipes

You can hear the dripping come from the bathroom in a constant rhythm, but what do you do? You put down the phone and get your tools.

Most of the time, fixing a leaky faucet doesn’t take an overpaid plumber. With the right tools, such a wrench or screwdriver, you can do it yourself.

2. Cracks or Minor Holes in the Wall

The older your house gets the more cracks or holes you’ll see in walls and ceilings. The good news is there’s an easy fix for that.

With spackle and these helpful tools, you can repair any small crack or hole. It’s best if you have matching paint to paint over the patch-up afterward.

3. Gas Fireplace Pilot Fire

If you have a gas fireplace, you know they’re simple to use. But when it stops working the way it should, it can be tempting to call in a professional. Depending on the problem, it may not be necessary to call anyone.

If the pilot light is no longer visible, it means it’s been blown out. That means it’s a simple DIY fix that won’t be a problem. In this case, try relighting it.

If the pilot light relights, then your work is done. If not, check the wiring. Working with fire can be hazardous, so if it turns into a bigger project call a professional.

If you insist on DIYing the fireplace, consider buying fire-resistant pants. You can find them at, with different brands to fit your style.

4. Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood floors need quite a bit of attention, and calling professionals can get expensive. The best thing about this project is that you can do it yourself without much help.

With a buffer and your chosen finish, you can knock this project out in two days tops. You don’t even have to buy the tools for this job, as most stores will rent them out.

More Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Most home maintenance projects are daunting, making you shy away from them. But these DIY home repairs are simple, and only take a few hours in a day to do.

No doubt there are several projects that need your attention. It seems you’re always having to try and fix something. If you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at the DIY category on our blog!

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