Fashion Forward: The Top 5 Hottest and Newest Designers to Know in 2019

Fashion Forward: The Top 5 Hottest and Newest Designers to Know in 2019

Is being stylish and trendy one of your New Years’ resolutions this year?

You may be looking for fresh and inspiring clothes and accessories to rock this year. So, what are the hottest and newest designers you should look out for?

Here are the top 5 fashion designers and brands to keep your eyes on in 2019!

1. Arjé

Does your personal style fall somewhere between polished and bohemian chic? If so, Arjé is one of the newer fashion brands you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Their fall-winter 2019 collection features an array of beige, saffron, and sandy hues. There’s plenty of suede and silk to go around, whether you’re looking for a mini skirt or a ruffled dress. But if there’s one item they’re standing out for, it’s their shearling jacket.

If you’ve been rocking fashion items like boho fringe shoes since 2017, there’s no need to toss your pair away. Complement them with something new and boho-chic from Arjé.

2. Balenciaga

Luxury brand Balenciaga may not be one of the newer designers around the fashion block. But the maker of all things sleek and futuristic is one of the hottest brands already in 2019.

Chunky sneakers were all the rage in 2018 – and they’re not going away anytime soon. All the biggest fashion brands have debuted their own version of the “dad sneaker.” But Balenciaga has been at the forefront of it all.

Not only is Balenciaga’s line of leather sneakers still in style this year. Balenciaga’s iconic City bag makes for the perfect urban ensemble. And if the dad sneaker is not so much for you, keep your eyes peeled for Balenciaga’s platform croc!

3. Gucci

Like Balenciaga, Gucci is at the top of the fashion world – and has been for decades. But they’re worth noting as one of the hottest brands right now. People are still talking about Gucci’s fall-winter collection… and they will likely continue to do so for years.

Here’s what fashion trends are circulating in the Gucci realm right now:

  • Chunky sneakers
  • Balaclavas
  • Tweed miniskirts
  • Retro sports jackets
  • Silk scarves/dresses
  • Vintage tweed jackets
  • Black leather jackets
  • Maxi skirts

There’s still plenty of winters left to rock any (or all) of these looks. Yet, we’re still looking forward to what they have in store for spring-summer 2019.

4. Rotate

2018 fashion may have seemed very avant-garde and futuristic. But we also saw a wave of 1980’s nostalgia make its way onto the catwalk. And we’ll still be feeling the remnants going into this year.

You can expect to still see a lot of retro silhouette party dresses this year. If you’re looking for styles from the newest designers, look no further than Rotate.

The mantra of Rotate’s current collection: Satin, black, and bubblegum pink. If you love big, ruffled formal wear or something for the office, this is the brand to check out.

5. Monse

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim are two of the newest, young fashion designers to take the stage this year. Their brand, Monse, is delivering an edgy cross between feminity and menswear.

Right now, Monse is featuring a collection of plaid trousers and off-the-shoulder tops. They featuring oversized shirt coats, placket cardigans, and wrap skirts, as well.

If you’re looking for clothing you can wear both out on the town and at work, Monse is the brand to check out. Be sure to complement your Monse getup by following these work-friendly fashion tips.

Rock the Hottest & Newest Designers in 2019

It’s only the start of 2019. Now is the time to stay fashion-forward and start turning heads by rocking the latest trends.

Which of the newest designers will inspire you this year? What did you think of the collections we mentioned? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I looove fashion, but I realise now how clueless about some designers. I’m googling Arje and Monse now. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. My biggest weakness is impulse buying. I really need to work on it this year. I have definitely minimized on eating out. Your tips are amazing, thank you.

  3. what a great list! I don’t get into the fashion trends too much but some are on my list!

  4. Excited to see these new trends this year especially the bohemian chic. By the way, hope you can share some photos soon.

  5. It is always good to know who to keep an eye on in fashion. I shall have to keep a look out for these popping up thank you!

  6. I love seeing the new fashion trends. Gucci is the only designer that I have heard of though.

  7. I will be the first to admit that I wish I was much more fashion forward! I have, of course, heard of Gucci but the other designers I have never heard of before. Now at least I will definitely know about them if I hear the name.

  8. I have honestly never heard of most of these brands. Will have to look into these other brands now.

  9. Following the world of fashion is fascinating!! Always something new and fun to discover!

  10. I have probably only heard of one of these designers! I will have to look into the others because I like finding new things and styles I may like.

  11. Honestly I had never heard of Arje and Monse so it’s nice to have learnt something new today.

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