MAM has a baby troublemakers contest going on from January 7 – January 25

MAM has a #babytroublemakers contest going on from January 7 – January 25

MAM has a #babytroublemakers contest going on from January 7 – January 25

We all have those cute baby moments when our kids have done something they shouldn’t.  Abby was and still is the worlds worst, lol.  I’ve saved all of her troublemaking photos to show her when she’s older and I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of them.  If you’ve saved your photos as well, MAM wants to see them.  Bonus, your photo could win you a $100  prepaid card.  Keep reading to learn more.

What cha doing Abby… ? NOOOOOOOOOTHING

MAM has a #babytroublemakers contest going on from January 7 – January 25

Have you ever caught your baby doing something he or she knows they shouldn’t be doing, like scribbling a ‘masterpiece’ on your walls or throwing food ALL over the floor?

 Share your story with #babytroublemakers and #contest on the MAM Facebook page and they will select three lucky winners to win one of three $100 prepaid cards! And remember: as trying as these moments are now, they’re what we’ll look back at and laugh at together when they’re all grown up!

Official Rules:

Good luck. If you’re one of the winners, I’d love for you to share your photo with me on my facebook page!


  1. aww. how cute is this! reminds me of my niece was a toddler. he would get into everything as most toddlers do.

  2. My eldest found a jar of Vaseline and covered the walls and carpet’s at my parents’ with it. We ended up having to have the carpet replaced! I’m not quite ready to laugh at it yet (it’s been 9 years), but I’m getting there!

  3. haha mine have all done this at some point in their lives too! It’s so funny how they all go through the same mischief!

  4. This triggers cute memories with my kids. I remember when my son wrote all over my FIL’s wall, it was a lot of mess lol.

  5. When my boys were younger, they’d get into everything! I may have some old photos around here somewhere to submit. Thanks!

  6. That’s a great idea! I am so sorry though I don’t have any troublemaking photos with my kid. I need to change that soon! 🙂

  7. Too cute. I wish I had captured many of those moments of my kids on video when they were growing up. I get so caught up in the moment that I forget to whip out the camer.

  8. LOL, how cute is this! I have a couple of great photos of my daughter (who is 33) getting into her dad’s records and drawing on them. With crayon. Ha!

  9. My niece just did this a few weeks ago! She got a hold of a black marker and painted her entire body! I can’t wait to tell her mom about this.

  10. Oh that sounds and looks so familiar! My girls each took their turn being little troublemakers!

  11. My kids had plenty of troublemaker moments when they were little. I still remember when my son was born, my daughter wasn’t happy about it. She wrote NO all over her wall.

  12. When my girls were very little they would occasionally write on walls or on the back of a light-colored couch! As parents we’re always prepared for the unexpected!

  13. We have seen a few crazy ones on AFV. This is a fun/funny contest 🙂

  14. This is why I was so sleep deprived when my kids where younger. The would get into everything the minute I closed my eyes.

  15. I wish I had pictures of some of the stuff my kids did when they were toddlers. This sounds like such a fun contest.

  16. This so reminds me of win my son was a toddler. He would get in to everything like most toddlers do.

  17. My kids are all grown but I well remember the time my toddler daughter was napping in her room. I went to check on her and she had colored all over one of the walls. Of course, a couple of my kids tried cutting their own bangs. I would love to see all the pics that are entered.

  18. So fun. I’ll have to go through my photos. I know my daughter for sure got into all sorts of things when she was tiny.

  19. Sounds like a fun way to tell what our children have gotten up to. It only takes a few minutes for them to make something happen.

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