There are numerous instances that can lead to a shattered window. From poor installation to geographical issues to those kids across the street. Nevertheless, if you’re fed up with having to replace shattered windows, then we highly recommend you read this blog till the end.

What causes windows to shatter?

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

Let us begin by first going through the reasons, which can cause your window to break or shatter starting with the most obvious reason:

  • Too much force

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

We all love kids. However, we love them slightly less when their football comes hurling through our window. Of course, a lot of things can apply an unbearable amount of pressure on your window other than kids, but the point is normal windows or even windows having tempered glass easily give way to excess force resulting in shards of glass all over the floor.

  • Improper installation

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

 If the glass was chipped or otherwise damaged during installation, it may hold up well for a while, but eventually, it will start cracking from those chipped areas which may quickly develop into a big line down your window or it may even spontaneously shatter. This is one of the most common causes of shattered windows.

  • Weather 

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

If you live in a place that witnesses temperatures towards the extreme side of the spectrum (really hot summers and extremely chilly winters), then this drastic thermal change can cause the glass to expand and contract abnormally. This will induce a certain level of stress inside the glass leading up to a sudden shattering event when the glass just gives up. Furthermore, areas experiencing high wind speeds may also come across a shattered window every now and then as the natural force of the wind can be quite intimidating to glass.

The solution

So, now that you know the exact reasons, which cause your windows to shatter, time to reveal the solution.

Laminated glass! 

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

Laminated glass is made up of multiple layers of tempered glass infused together with a resin layer that firmly binds all the sheets together. Laminated glass is a staunch example of the adage, “United we stand. Divided we fall.” It boasts an endurance equal to 5 windows made of quality tempered glass and is almost 100 times as stiff as standard glass. 

Firstly, laminated glass holds its own against footballs, baseballs, strong winds, and other things that may apply an undue amount of force on the glass. However, in the extremely unlikely case that the amount of force applied exceeds the limit of the laminated glass (maybe by someone intentionally trying to break in) the resin layer keeps the sheets of glass bonded together and the glass will still refuse to shatter and give way. 

Secondly, since laminated glass is made up of, not one but, several layers of glass, it requires a significantly higher amount of energy to heat up and expand. This means that laminated glass is resistant to extreme temperatures as well. 

Extra tips to keep in mind

Laminated glass is the best option out there, but that does not mean it is invincible. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep these tips in mind as they may come in handy.

  • Get a professional to carry out the installation

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

We love DIY jobs around the house just as much as you do, but sensitive materials especially glass need to be handled with care. All it takes is a tiny chip to damage the structural integrity of the glass. Hire a professional to come and install the window. They know what they are doing.

  • Hurricane shutters

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

If you live in an area that has been endangered by a hurricane from time to time, then you may want to consider getting hurricane shutters for your windows. Nothing keeps your door and windows safe as a good shutter does.

  • Take precautions for humidity

Fed up of your window shattering? We have the solution!

In areas of high humidity such as your kitchens, bathrooms or basements, it is imperative to make sure your windows are equipped with proper weather-proofing and water-resistant fittings as inadequate fittings may give way to internal stress and erosion of the glass which damages its structural integrity.

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