Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Security Accessories For Your Home

Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Security Accessories For Your Home

Are you someone who has just moved into a new house and is on the lookout for perfect home security accessories? Are you someone constantly worried about your home’s safety while you are out of the city? Or are you someone looking to simply invest in new security measures for your home? 

Well, we got you covered on all these frontiers and more. We have done thorough research and compiled several tips that will help you in choosing the right kind of security accessories for your house. Dive into this article to find out.

1.  Accessories That Will Safeguard Your Home While You Are Away

Please note that you need the below-mentioned security accessories even if you are staying at home. However, these are mentioned here because they are an absolute necessity if you plan to go out for a long vacation. 

Invest in a Monitored Security System

A smart security system lets you watch a live feed of your home through a smart video camera while sitting anywhere in the world. For people, who are constantly anxious if a door or a window was left open, this device comes out as a blessing.

The essential tip for choosing the right security system is to analyze the automation metrics you need in it. For example, in addition to smart locks and smart video doorbells, you can even get smart lighting solutions. This would make your house look like it’s been lived in, even if it’s empty for several days. 

You can also use a burglar alarm. However, it only alerts you when there is a break-in. A smart security system gives you full-proof protection. If your budget allows for a smart security system, do invest in it. 

Purchase a Parcel Drop Box 

If your porch and entryway are overflowing with letters and parcels, it becomes an open sign of invitation for burglary. A parcel delivery box can solve this problem.

One of the reasons for getting a post box for home is also to secure your important parcels from getting stolen or mishandled while you are away.

They allow for secure and contactless delivery of parcels even when you are at home. Forget the old technique of asking friends to pick up your mail or asking your mailmen to stop deliveries while you are away. Buy a lockable parcel box for securing your mails. 

Select a Timer for Electronics

A timer is a great security accessory for making your home look as if it’s full of people. You just have to plug your electronics into sockets and turn the timer on for them.

The electronic timers will switch on your lights, fan, or TV at random timings to make it look like someone is inside the house.

Add a Safe For Your Valuables

All of us know that valuables like jewelry, guns, or collectibles must be stored in a smart safe. The trick is to invest in a safe that can be jammed in the wall or bolted to the floor with concrete. 

In case the thief enters your home, his first instinct is to find the safe and pick its lock. If he is unable to pick it, he tries to steal the entire box. If a safe is permanently bolted to the floor or wall, it adds a notch to your security measures. 

Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Security Accessories For Your Home

2. Accessories That Will Safeguard Your Home While You Live in It

Burglary has become quite common in cities. It becomes more dangerous when you come face to face with an armed thief, while you and your family are inside the house. Some security accessories that can help you deal with such situations are mentioned below. 

Motion Sensor Lighting

You can substitute your traditional light bulbs with motion sensor lights, especially at entry points of your home, in the backyard, and garage. These lights flash up when some movement takes place in the dark. 

They can fend off robbers who use night cover for their crimes. Furthermore, you could also use infrared detectors to protect all the entry points of your home.

The Good Old Locking Techniques 

You can invest in all kinds of smart locks and CCTV cameras but don’t make the mistake of evading the traditional physical locks. Any smart device can be hacked or can malfunction. That is why adding another layer of physical security is a smart move.

Secure the Doors

  • A deadbolt holds the door in place with a hard metal lock. It makes it difficult to be picked or broken. Install deadbolts for all your external doors.
  • If you have french doors, you should consider putting in a padlock. It makes it difficult to open the doors from outside by preventing the external handles from working. 
  • Burglars generally target elderly people who live alone. It’s because they can easily get them to open the door and overpower them to enter it. A digital door viewer helps in such situations. It can be equipped with an audio-video intercom that can help people regulate who to give entry to. 

Secure the Windows

  • I am sure your glass-paneled windows look beyond beautiful but to safeguard your house, you should try putting some metallic rolling shutters outside the windows.
  • You can also add security films to the glass windows to make them shatterproof.
  • Another way of securing your windows is to install grills or bars on them. Many kinds of decorative grills can secure your home without disturbing your aesthetics.

Essential Tips For Choosing the Right Security Accessories For Your Home

Invest in Hazard Proofing Equipment

Our homes are not only at risk from outside threats like thieves, but they are also at a risk from internal hazards like fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, or flood. 

Use smoke detectors, flood sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors to safeguard your house against these environmental hazards. You can opt for a remotely controlled service where professionals will keep a watch on all these alarms. This way, your home is always protected even if you are away or your kids are home alone. 


Choosing the right security accessories is a very crucial part of home security. You should not make a decision based solely on this blog. Read more and do your research to find what best suits your needs.

That being said, we have covered your home safety needs in detail while you are at home and while you are not. Use our tips for a better home security experience. 

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