Fun Activities To Improve Your Mental Health

Fun Activities To Improve Your Mental Health

One in five adults experience mental illness each year, with depression and anxiety being the most prevalent disorders. 

If you have a mental health condition or you struggle with your mental health, then you should know that there are things that you can do to lift your spirits and banish negative thoughts.

Discover five fun activities that you can do to improve your mental health, with options to suit all abilities and budgets. 

1. Wild swimming 

You have probably heard that being outside surrounded by nature is good for your mental health. You may also know that exercise can boost your mood. So, why not combine the two in a fun activity that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping? 

Wild swimming involves swimming in natural waters such as lakes, rivers, the ocean, and even waterfalls and is known for reducing stress and boosting the immune system. 

There are places where you can enjoy wild swimming all over the country, and you can check out some of the best spots here

2. Boudoir photography 

If you struggle with poor body image or feelings of low self-esteem, then a boudoir photoshoot might be just what you need to start loving yourself again. 

Although boudoir photography is most commonly associated with more sexual imagery, it doesn’t have to be. It can be romantic, sensual, intimate, and, above all else, empowering. 

Check out some of the amazing photoshoots on offer at and imagine yourself looking and feeling that good! 

3. Full body massage

Some people with poor mental health feel like they don’t deserve to treat themselves or take time just for themselves. However, caring for your body is crucial to maintaining good mental health. 

There are so many health benefits to getting regular massages, both physical and mental, such as reduced stress levels, lower anxiety, and increased relaxation. 

If you cannot afford to go for a professional massage very often, then why not ask your partner or a friend to give you a DIY massage? 

4. Hiking in the woods 

Another activity that is great for getting your heart pumping and your mind energized, hiking is a physical pastime that anyone can do, even those who do not have good levels of fitness. 

There are so many stunning hiking routes in the United States that you can explore, with ones for beginners and those who already have some hiking experience. Discover the most popular hiking trails and take one step closer to a happier and healthier you. 

5. Breathing exercises

If you prefer quieter activities, then meditation and breathing exercises are the way to go. Designed to relax your body and calm your mind, you can carry out this activity from the comfort of your own home without any specialist equipment. 

If you are new to breathing exercises, there are many online tutorials and videos that can help you through how to get started. Alternatively, you could enroll in a meditation course online or in your local area. 

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