Getting Your Fashion In Check For Spring

Getting Your Fashion In Check For Spring

Being fashionable in real life can be slightly more difficult than it always seems to be in magazines and on social media. You might have tried on an outfit that looked perfect when some Instagram model wore it, but it looked completely wrong on you. Regardless, you shouldn’t give up. Fashion is something that’s very individual to every person, so the goal is to simply find your own personal style. Most importantly, it’s about finding your confidence. It’s about feeling proud and comfortable in the clothes you wear. Given that spring is finally here, this is probably the ideal time to get your fashion in check.


Assess your current wardrobe.

The first step to getting your fashion in check for spring is assessing your current wardrobe. Fast fashion is not the way to go. Not only is it wasteful and unethical on a larger scale but it’s also not the way to create a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll actually love in the long-term. We’ll talk more about the benefits of timeless fashion later in the article, but you need to start by reviewing your clothes as of right now. See it as a way of assessing the damage. Your wardrobe might be salvageable; you might just have to give away certain pieces of attire you’ll never wear. Charity shops and thrift stores are always more than happy to take old pieces of clothing.

The goal is to keep clothes that can fit into your vision of your desired fashion sense and to get rid of clothes that don’t fit into that vision. Some variety is important, of course. If you have hundreds of identical T-shirts then it might be time to sell or give away some of them. Perhaps there’s a limited color palette to your clothing options too; you might want to make it your goal to become a little more adventurous in that sense too. Assessing your current wardrobe is a crucial step to take if you’re trying to figure out what needs to change in order to improve your fashion sense. Don’t just think about spring, of course. Your goal is to create a wardrobe with options that’ll suit you during every season of the year.

Aim for well-fitted attire.

Again, this is good advice at any time of year, but it’s particularly important during spring. The weather is warmer and you probably won’t be covering up in quite as many layers as you would during winter. Take the opportunity to show off your figure. We all come in different shapes and sizes, but the key to being fashionable is taking pride in your appearance. Well-fitted clothing looks good on anyone because it appears tailor-made to their physique, and that shows you’ve put effort into your attire. Opt for slim jeans and a shapely blouse if you’re struggling for inspiration. Or, as we’ll discuss when we talk about accessorizing later in this article, you could use belts to draw in your outfit and ensure it fits your figure more snugly. Aiming for well-fitted attire will really help you to start getting your fashion in check for spring.

Opt for a classic style that avoids trends.

Following trends is always a bad idea; your clothes will become unfashionable in the blink of an eye. Moreover, as was mentioned in the first point, fast fashion is wasteful. You shouldn’t let your wardrobe overflow with clothes that you don’t even wear anymore. Your mission should be to fill your closet with pieces of attire that’ll last you for years because they won’t go out of fashion. The simpler your style, the more likely it is that you’ll have clothes which will look good during this spring, next spring, and many more springs to come. Simple clothing doesn’t have to be boring, either. An understated look can be very stylish if you follow the rest of the advice in this article (e.g. wearing well-fitted clothes, accessorizing, and so on).

You might find that vintage clothing will help if you’re trying to avoid trends. The beauty of vintage clothing isn’t that it’s old but that it’s unique. If you go to a thrift store then you’ll be likely to find pieces of clothing that you would never have found in major stores even during the era from which those clothes came. You don’t have to wear an entire outfit that’s vintage, but a few classic pieces here and there can really bring an outfit together. We’ll talk about that more in the following point about accessorizing. But the point is that you can find some hidden gems in thrift stores. It’s well worth hunting around if you want to reinvent your wardrobe for spring.

Getting Your Fashion In Check For Spring

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You should also accessorize if you want to get your fashion in check for spring. Take a look at the picture. That’s an incredibly bold and stylish outfit, but the accessory is what really brings everything together. The clothing itself is very simple and understated. Still, as explained earlier in this article, straightforward clothing doesn’t have to be dull and uninspired. Accessorizing can really add some flair and impact to your overall appearance. You should really focus on your shoulders if you want to make an impact because your face and the upper half of your body are key focal points. You could look at this chunky pearl necklace at the Seersucker Sassy Boutique. That would be a spectacularly gorgeous addition to the right outfit. The way to accessorize is to make a statement with every outfit addition.

Sometimes, accessorizing can even transform the shape and overall style of your outfit in itself. For instance, a motorcycle jacket can be a classy and vintage addition to an outfit that adds some edge to your look. You could even drape it over the shoulders rather than wearing it properly to really accessorize in a creative and fashionable way. Remember that small details can have a huge impact when it comes to fashion. As it’s springtime, you’ll probably be wearing plenty of dresses, so you might want to accessorize with belts to change the shape of your outfits. A loose and flowing dress can be subtly turned into a formal and well-fitted outfit with the right belt. Accessorizing can be both stylish and practical.

Mix and match.

You should also aim to get your fashion in check for spring by mixing and matching. You’re probably going to be wearing lots of light and summery outfits as the weather continues to get warmer, but you don’t want to grow tired of the same clothes day in and out. That being said, there’s a lot that can be done when you learn to mix and match. As mentioned earlier, filling your wardrobe with an ever-growing collection of clothes is not the way to be fashionable. You can do a lot with timeless pieces that stick with you for years and years. You just need to match different blouses with different shirts and add shirts or other layers to outfits in order to transform them (we’ll talk about that more in the next point). You can keep your look fresh if you mix things up and try to pair pieces of clothing that are parts of different outfits.

Don’t underestimate the power of layers.

We’re talking mainly about getting your wardrobe ready for spring, but the fashion advice in this article is supposed to help you throughout the year too. Plus, layers are still important during warmer times of the year. Instead of winter coats, however, you just have to layer your outfit in lighter ways. You could pair a crop top with a mesh shirt or a light jacket, for instance. The goal of layering is to make sure that your entire outfit works by ensuring that it doesn’t rely too heavily on any single item of clothing. In other words, you won’t have to worry about any individual piece of attire ruining your overall look.

That being said, it’s important to ensure that your outfits never become too cluttered. It’s usually unfashionable to dress in attire that’s noisy, busy, and exaggerated. That isn’t to say controlled mess is impossible, but it’s always wise to ensure that you layer your outfits in a straightforward way. Ensure that colors complement one another rather than clashing. And remember that some layers can be small and understated. Accessorizing is a form of layering, referring back to the previous point. On colder days, a nice scarf can be a stylish layer to add on top of your outfit.

Just remember that getting your fashion in check for spring doesn’t mean you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. And the pieces of advice in this article are applicable to other seasons too. Obviously, some minor details might change; you probably don’t want to wear light jackets and skirts during winter, for instance. But the main message remains the same. You need well-fitted and timeless attire. You need accessories. You need to mix and match. The more creative you are, the further you can push the potential of your wardrobe.


  1. Great advice. Layering is essential when you live in the mountains. We also try to make sure all of our clothes will go with several different pieces, that way the clothing can be worn more times without seeming the same. Definitely some helpful tips.

  2. I really need to rearrange the clothes, have to see what I need and not need! thanks for the tips

  3. Being pregnant during the spring I need to buy some new clothes so I am comfortable. Thanks for this post. I will be sharing with friends!

  4. This is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing, your tips are awesome. I am sharing this with my wife and across my network.

  5. I really need to assess my wardrobe. I know i have things that need to go and things that could be re-purposed.

  6. You have great tips. I especially love the comment around going to thrift stores. It was not until I moved to Phoenix, that I started to go to Goodwill. I found that if you find the right one, you can get great pieces, that you would not find in stores any longer. Thanks also for the tip around layering for warmer weather.

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