Teenagers have a lot to cope with: hormones, emotions, schoolwork, jobs, and so on. An alarming number of teens feel self-conscious and unhappy when it comes to their looks. Continue reading for our advice on how to help your teen look and feel beautiful for prom. After all, it will be a night they will remember, so let’s make it for positive reasons.


Please do not take this the wrong way. We are not advocating that weight loss will solve all of someone’s problems. In fact, we are not even saying that exercise will lead to weight loss. It does, however, help you to release endorphins. They are free feel-good vibes, and just doing regular exercise can really boost your teen’s mood. If they feel too self-conscious or are nervous about going alone, why not try a class together? And if they do want to lose weight and tone up, there are specific things you can do to help them achieve that too. Follow their lead though. Never undermine their wishes. Aim to promote increased self-confidence.


For parents, this can sometimes be the most traumatic aspect of preparing for prom. Firstly, ask your teen for the type of outfit they long for. It might be a fashionable dress, but increasingly, people are breaking the mold and choosing a jumpsuit or two-piece to make a statement. Make an appointment to visit a prom dress shop to avoid the crowds, if possible. It also ensures less of a rush. Alternatively, browse occasion wear online and narrow it down to their absolute favorite. Order and try well in advance to allow for returns and exchanges if necessary. Stores such as Terry Costa show the dresses from different angles as well as in a range of colors. Be sure to do your research first. 

Hair and Make-up

Sitting in the chair at the hairdressers, it can be easy to assume that recreating their styling will be easy. It looks so quick and straightforward. For them, it is natural and their everyday job, so they are bound to tackle the hairstyle with little to no fuss at all. However, for you, it will be a much bigger deal. Our advice, if in doubt, is always to book in to see a professional. For hair dying, have an appointment a week or so in advance of the prom to prevent roots from growing through, but also to ensure any splash of dye on the hairline or scalp will have been removed through shampooing. On the day, have an appointment for the stylist to create the look your child is hoping for. Be sure to have a trial run in advance to be sure it is the one they want.

Support your teen to establish a regular skincare routine to allow it to be as blemish-free as possible on the big day. If you are not confident at doing make-up, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. A top-quality make-up artist will advise on colors and styles that will suit your teen and help to accentuate their natural beauty. No orange skin allowed!