Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review

Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

This girl loves to shop and as soon as the roads & stores opened up (we were hit by the latest hurricane), I headed out for a day of shopping. I couldn’t find meats and dairy products anywhere, even when the stores began opening back up so I took a gander that Food Lion would have what we needed and I was right. I stocked up on pet supplies while I was there as well. I love Food Lion because I can find everything I need in the line of groceries (their bakery goods are fab) as well as everything I could need for my cat, Chelsea, and my dog, Peanut. It’s where I buy Chelsea’s cat litter as well as her cat food, and it’s where I buy Peanut’s poop oopy bags, treats, food and more.

There are very few places where I live that have everything I need all in one store. Food Lion just happens to be one of those awesome places. What I wanted to share with you today, besides a fabulous giveaway which I’ll address in a minute, is the much-used pet brand I use in my home, Companion. Companion has pet food, supplies, toys and literally every product you could need to provide your pet with a balanced diet and is exclusively sold at Food Lion, and they have a new look. Same great products with a new “do”, so to speak. Companion offers a range of trusted, high-quality pet products to meet everyday needs and save you time and money. If you shop at Food Lion, be sure to check out all of the Companion pet products, for your birds, cats, and dogs. I love that I can find an affordable brand of pet products located in the same place where I buy my groceries. And in case you didn’t know, all private brand items have a double your money back guarantee. Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review Giveaway $100 GC Food Lion and Companion Pets Review Of course, Peanut was happy with my purchases as he always is. I took a little video of his tail wagging response to his new treats and goodies. He gets as excited when I get back from shopping, as the kids do on Christmas. He knows I’m going to bring him back something when I go shopping. Chelsea does as well but she prefers to make me find her, during which time she jumps out at me from wherever she’s hiding, claws first.

In honor of the new look of Companion pet supplies and foods, I’m hosting a $100 gift card giveaway to give you a chance to shop at Food Lion (must have a Food Lion in your state to enter) to be given to 1 lucky person. You will receive 4 $25 each gift cards. Please use the giveaway form below to enter and remember, this is only for those who have a Food Lion in their state to participate. To find out if you do, please click here to be taken to the Food Lion Store Locator.

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For More Information about Food Lion’s Private Brand labels click here. Head on over to Food Lion to learn more.

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  1. we love food lion stores ty 🙂

  2. Hopkinsville Ky
    Love the cuddles from our pup

  3. Yes, there is a few Food Lion stores in my state. I don’t have a pet, but my kids enjoy playing with my sisters dog.

  4. Yes I have a food lion in my state. I love how my pet is always happy to see me.

  5. I live within a few miles of Food Lion and shop there often. I love how our fur baby, Sheba has a sassy personality!

  6. yes our town has a food lion, i love all the cool tricks our dog can do

  7. we do have a local food lion! I love them!

  8. when our cats were just kittens they rode to work under the tire in the van everyday. Twice we had to go back and get them.

  9. I live by three food lions! my dog is so sweet! I love when she cuddles with me!

  10. Yes we have many Food Lion Stores. I love my dog she is a lab and hyper and full of energy wonderful with the kids and a sweetheart.

  11. I live in the same city Food (Town) Lion started and I am surrounded by them! I love how happy my pets are to see me when I come home.

  12. I live in a state that has multiple Food Lions and the nearest one is two miles away! Food Lion is my go to store and I’d be lost without them. Sadly right now we don’t have a pet because we believe my daughter is allergic so instead we spoil my sisters’ two kittens and soon to be dog!

  13. That works!! I’m sure they’d love a gift card.

  14. oh….and what I love about my pets is they are great companions, good listeners, and make me laugh 🙂

  15. We do not live in a state with a Food Lion, but we have friends who do and we visit as often as possible.

  16. I shop at Food Lion in DE. Our dog is friendly and high-spirited which we love the most.

  17. We don’t have a Food Lion near by but I want to win this for a friends who does live near one. I love my pet she is so sweet and talks to me a lot.

  18. Food Lion is located less than 2 blocks from where I live, shop there all the time. At the moment, we are searching for a new dog. It is taking some time since we lost our dog, Sibbie, last year.

  19. yes, pet is cuddly

  20. Food Lion is the closest grocery store to me in my town! We currently only get visits from my neighbor’s dog and cat. They come from different neighbors but we give them treats and they just let us pet them and then head back home!

  21. There is a Food Lion located about 5 miles from my daughter’s home near Raleigh NC that we shop at often.

  22. Yes, I live in a state that has a Food Lion. I love that my pet is affectionate.

  23. I’m surrounded by Food Lion stores! We shop at Food Lion at least twice a week. We don’t have a pet right now but we had a poodle who passed away and he was a sweetheart!

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