Hot Summer Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Backyard Looking Cool

Hot Summer Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Backyard Looking Cool

Summer is the perfect time to makeover your outdoor space.

Now, if you’re not sure where to start, consider landscaping. By visualizing which plants to grow and what structures to install, defining the space becomes much more manageable.

For instance, do you plan to entertain guests? Or maybe you’re hoping to use the space for growing fruits and vegetables? Landscaping offers many benefits, making it a good starting point for your backyard transformation.

That said, here are some summer landscaping ideas that can make the planning stage for your backyard a lot easier.

Vertical Gardening

Some people automatically picture manicured lawns whenever someone mentions backyard landscaping. But super neat gardens can be a hassle to maintain.

To make your backyard look more natural and organic, consider planting vines that can go up fences and columns. Living walls are also a trend you might want to check out. The beauty of vertical gardening is you get to use every inch available.

Of course, don’t forget about balance. You want your backyard to look inviting, not a claustrophobic’s nightmare come to life.

Summer Landscaping Palette

One of the easiest backyard upgrades you can go for is to paint outdoor structures in summery colors.

Forget about the traditional white for picket fences. Choose bright hues that will complement the greens in your garden, as well as your flowers.

There’s also no rule that you should only stick to one color. Just remember to choose shades that go together, like cobalt blue and turquoise, or if you want a softer palette, pale blue and pink.

Reinvented Lawn

High-maintenance lawns are a thing of the past. If you’re concerned about the environmental effects of using too much water and fertilizer for your lawns, you can opt for lawn alternatives such as fake grass or plant grass mixes that are drought-resistant.

Now, just because you have a low-maintenance lawn doesn’t mean you can forget about lawn care. No matter what type of grass you have, you still need to look after it. For expert tips and advice, you can check out this site.

Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Are you tired of your dogs messing up your garden?

Build them a sandbox. You can bury your pets’ favorite toys there, so they’ll know that area is exclusively for them.

If you can’t keep them off your plants, though no matter how hard you try, consider placing wire cages around your trees and shrubs. Fencing is also a good idea, especially if you have toxic plants for your furry pals.

Flowers Not Weeds

If you choose the right flowers, they’ll bloom all summer long. You can even harvest plenty to give away to your family and friends.

Try rose mallows, purple wave petunias, and zinnias. These are no-fail flowering plants that will give you frequent fresh bouquets once they bloom.

Landscaping Made Easy

Now that you know some summer landscaping ideas, do you want more tips for making your outdoor area stand out?

You might be interested in our archive, which is full of home improvement topics. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more.

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