3 Easy DIY Massage Oil Recipes for Better Relaxation, Focus, And Sleep

3 Easy DIY Massage Oil Recipes for Better Relaxation, Focus, And Sleep

The fast-paced world that we live in leaves little space for us to give due importance to activities that upkeep our physical and mental wellbeing. So much so that people are forced to book trips to expensive getaways, and luxurious wellness centers and spas to enjoy a little time off from all the stress that keeps our minds occupied. Most of these visits are centered on providing relaxation, improving one’s ability to focus, and uplifting the quality of sleep health. 

But what if we told you that achieving such a relaxing experience could also be made possible from the comfort of our very homes? This could in fact be made possible by preparing certain essential oil recipes at home which are comparatively way cheaper and could be administered on a regular basis. Let us, therefore, go through three such massage oil recipes that are easy to make without much training and know-how. 

Essential Oils

Before we proceed with the tips to create the perfect DIY massage oil recipes meant for different occasions, let us quickly learn a few things about essential oils that will help us in understanding how exactly they work. Essential oils are completely natural as they are produced primarily through extraction from various parts of certain plants and herbs. Parts like barks, fruits, flowers, leaves, rinds, etc., are passed through steam distillation or exerted pressure to collect the beneficial material which is then used for its medicinal values. According to this extensive report by ScienceDirect, these oils are specially extracted from plants that are rich in compounds like phenols, alcohol, aldehydes, fatty acids, ketones, etc. 

From the ancient Egyptians to the Chinese and from the Greeks to the Arabs, the use of essential oils has been well documented all over the world throughout the birth of civilization. It is true that the essential oils are completely safe when inhaled and breathing them in is in fact the most popular way to use them. Apart from inhaling, they are also used as an ingredient in bathing gels, cosmetic products such as creams and perfumes, topical medicines for treating wounds, etc. These essential oils are replete with qualities that are known to help reduce inflammation, combat bacterial infection, improve sleep quality, and alleviate body pain and headaches. That said, they should not be taken orally because of their toxic, highly concentrated, and volatile nature which can cause a number of problems when consumed. For this exact reason, they should never be applied on the insides of other organs with more nerve endings such as eyes, nose, ears, genitals, etc. 

3 Easy DIY Massage Oil Recipes for Better Relaxation, Focus, And Sleep

#01 Massage Oil Recipe for Relaxation and Stress-Removal

Get hold of a clean glass bottle or a glass jar to prevent the risk of leakage or reactions that can take place through the use of plastic or metal containers. To your glass container, add 10 drops each of vetiver essential oil and bergamot essential oil. Apart from these, 15 drops of lemon essential oil and 20 drops of lavender essential oil will also be needed. To prepare this super effective solution of massage oils for relaxation, we would require the oils to be mixed with a good carrier oil that will help to dilute the solution. Oil extracted from avocado or coconut will do the job as it prevents the rest of the essential oils to react adversely with the skin and improve the beneficial value of the solution.  

#02 Essential Oil Solution for Increasing Focus

This solution can be made by adding equal parts of essential oils that are known for increasing the ability to retain focus such as oil extracted from cedarwood, lavender, and vetiver. We will require 20 drops of each of the three essential oils for this solution. Vetiver solution is considered fantastic for increasing concentration and reduce distractedness. Prefer using a bottle made of amber glass as the solution may degrade in time with exposure to light. Proceed to mix them with a suitable carrier oil such as that of coconut, avocado, or jojoba. Jojoba oil was the main choice for dilution in a recent study by a group of researchers from the University of Montana. The participants which received aroma inhalation displayed comparatively lesser stress and anxiety than the control group. People who were exposed to the essential oils (chamomile, clary sage, or lavender) also showed a visible increase in their quality of sleep and energy levels. 

#03 The Perfect Sleep Massage Oil Solution

Lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils are the primary elements of this sleep-inducing solution that is one of the most efficient solutions to your sleeping complications. Add 20 drops of each of the two essential oils and mix them well with 10 drops of frankincense essential oil. A rapidly growing body of researches has thus far studied the effect of essential oils in great detail and found that non-invasive methods of using essential oils is a great way to improve sleep quality. Another paper published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that lavender oil carried with it certain properties that help stabilize mood, relieve anxiety, provide calmness, and combat convulsions, among other benefits. The same study also highlighted the effect lavender had on improving the quality of sleep among participants who suffered from insomnia.  

Both frankincense and ylang-ylang essential oils are also known and used widely for their many benefits that include protection against stress and anxiety, improving blood pressure, and providing a feeling of overall wellness. As usual, the solution should be suitably mixed with coconut or avocado oil to improve the smell and the shelf life of the solution.  

Bottom line:

Meditating before bedtime, taking a warm shower, listening to soft sleep music, and treating oneself with a soothing round of essential oil massage are some of the most effective tips for better sleep quality, reduced stress, and improvement in the ability to focus. However, concerned individuals should only prefer buying from trusted sources due to the ever-present threat of contamination of essential oils. 

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