Three Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Pond Liners

Three Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Pond Liners

There are various types of pond liners on the market today. From the rigid firm liners (concrete ponds) to the flexible liners. The costs of setting up this liner are reasonable, and all kinds of pond liners can comfortably fit into any garden you want to set up. However, you need to take adequate care of them to ensure they are adequately maintained. Poor maintenance always leads to more costs that can grow over the initial price of setting up the pond.

Fixing Bad Concrete Ponds

Fixing bad pond liners can be difficult, especially for concrete ponds. During the winter, the cold climate makes the ground heave, causing so much damages to concrete ponds. If you have a concrete fish pond, you can use a neoprene-based product for coating the brick, concrete blocks, and cracks on your pond. A heavy-duty neoprene membrane will always give you a long-lasting repair against cracks on concrete ponds.

Three Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Pond Liners

Patching Flexible Pond Liners

Always ensure to purchase materials that are flexible and will not frequently be damaged by environmental factors when going for detachable ponds. Make sure the product you get is produced in sheet form with factory-fixed seams. Also, go for U.V-protected materials that can resist the effect of sunlight. When choosing the color, always go for black color. They have more reflective properties. Black elements last longer under the sun and other harsh environmental conditions.

However, you will still be faced with small repairs even when you get the most durable materials. You can patch up small holes and tears using a single-sided 6” tape.

Ensure you thoroughly wipe the affected area clean using naphtha, an abrasive pad or Coleman fuel. Clean off with a paper towel. Gently remove the paper cover and apply the tape smoothly. Make sure to roll gently to apply equal pressure. After this, you can use sealants at the edge for a final touch. Make sure you allow the tape to dry correctly for a few hours before it touches the water.

When you want to join two liners, you should first clean the liner areas with either naphtha or Coleman fuel or an abrasive pad. After that, you wipe clean using a paper towel. Get a 3” double-sided tape and apply at the top edge of one of the liners. Gently place the bottom edge of the second liner at the top of the tape. Now apply the tape over the area of the splice that is exposed using 3” on both sides. Allow drying after applying a sealant to finish off.

When applying patches to repair liners, clean the liner with water and allow it to dry before applying the patch, for best results when using polythene liners. When applying patches for EPDM, ensure to clean liner with a rubber pad (or any other suitable solvent or gasoline) and clean water; allow it to dry before applying the patch. See these:

Pond Skimmers

You should also remember to get a pond skimmer for your pond. This way you will always keep leaves and debris away from your ponds.

Last but not least, be sure not to compromise on quality and always search for the best pond liners for absolute reliability!

Use these tips and always have a functional pond.

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Three Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Pond Liners

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