How Being Healthy Will Make You A Happier Mom

How Being Healthy Will Make You A Happier Mom

Ten simple tips on how to become a healthy super-mom!


Ever since that soft touch caressed your chin, you have been on cloud nine. You had instantly promised yourself that you would be the best mom ever! 

Yeah, you took great care of yourself while that delicate life was in your womb. From now on, will you only think of your baby, get him/her everything and forget about yourself; as a perfect mom?

If you are considering doing so or have been doing it for quite a time, stop right here! Here is why!

Do you know that Safe Motherhood is one of the top health priorities of WHO? WHO intends to intensify its commitment to the health of women when they are most vulnerable – as they bring new life into the world and as they breed this new life. It indicates that in a rush to cater to your baby/babies, you must not forget yourself.

A healthy mom equals a healthy baby. You would never want the soldiers protecting your national borders to be weak and low on energy. Then why neglect the guardian angel of your child, that is you? 

Self-neglect might stress you out; exposing you to anxiety, tiredness, and frequent burnouts. Not being able to meet the needs of your child must be a nightmare to you. Why not pack yourself up for a journey towards fruitful fitness? 

Taking care of yourself must not bring mom guilt to you. Your health and happiness add to the health and happiness of your child. 

Here are ten simple tips on how to be a healthy super-mom.

Plan the routine out: 

Routine enhances your daily functioning and productivity. Make a realistic schedule and stick to it. Map out meal and sleep times for your kids and yourself. 

Break out the burden for different days. You can prepare some pre-recipes on weekends. Iron those messy clothes on an assigned day and do laundry on another. Share the ideas with your spouse and family and make them respect your schedule and efforts. Do not get hard on yourself.

Healthy Diet 

Sounds cliche, but it is the foundation to the supreme energy that you need. Know that pregnancy drains a lot of reserves of nutrients out of your body. 

If you are lactating your child, you need a good 500 extra calories per day.

Follow our simple mantra, make your diet hygienic and balanced. Here are some points: 

  • Prefer your home-cooked meals. Choose restaurants with the best hygienic protocols (if you may). You can not afford to invite deadly germs to your home.
  • Balancing the diet is not that hard!  The key is to balance your energy consumption and energy usage and pouring in every essential nutrient. Consult your physician for a customized diet plan, or see our article (the link if any) for some easy tricks. 
  • Cut down on fast food, sugary beverages, saturated fats, and high salt intake. These food items wash away crucial nutrients (such as calcium) and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Rely more on heart-friendly foods such as green leafy vegetables, whole grains, berries, avocados, and walnuts, etc.

Manage your Maternity, Madam

Medical science advocates a 3-years gap between two consecutive pregnancies. During pregnancy, your body gives all nutrients and energy to the baby. 

It needs time to recover and regenerate the same spirits. Have an informational care session with your family physician/obstetrician. They will guide you about family planning and feasible methods of contraception for you.


“Exercise tones up your muscles, conditions your lax abdominal muscles, and helps you get in shape while improving your mood.” says the trainers over at Drive Train Hustle.

We understand that your hectic routine does not allow you to hit the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t boost your physical activity in some way. What about an early morning walk? 

You can also download a fitness application on your smartphone, which is super feasible to follow. Don’t forget to follow the suggestions of your midwife/doctor.

Hey Mom, where is the Hygiene? 

You need to take special care of your cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the well-being of your kids. Hand washing is the first and foremost rule. 

Wash your hands properly and at regular intervals, particularly after eating, changing the diapers of your baby, or any chemical contact. Try to take a bath daily and clean yourself properly. 

These simple measures can prevent your baby from flu, cold, and gut infections.

Supplements for the mommy? Yes! 

We have talked about the healthy diet earlier. However, at times, your body might not utilize nutrients properly owing to some pathology or changing body needs. 

In that case, you must see a dietitian/doctor and get the required supplements advised. 

Water is inevitable

Drink 10-12 glasses of water per day. It perfects your physiology, kicks off constipation, beats up kidney stones, and beautifies your skin. 

Body positivity for a mother

Motherhood comes with various changes to the body. The physical and mental health challenges make you go through a lot. 

Here’s our acknowledgment, you are the best. Don’t overthink about those scars on your belly or increased weight. They’re badges of your courage. You’re beautiful! 

Just take the expert’s advice, follow simple exercises and tone them down to become fit. 

Personal happiness

Read meaningful and joyous books. Take out some time for your hobbies. Arrange get-together with your friends and laugh out loud at one other’s funny mommy experiences. Spend some time choosing outfits that add to your aging like a fine wine grace. Try out new shades of lipsticks. Present yourself well and get compliments. You deserve them!

Don’t give up; go easy on you

Yes, this is the actual final tip. There’s no benefit of trying things out for a few days, only to abandon them later. 

Absorb them slowly and profoundly as you may need months to learn and practice them. Remember that slow and steady wins the race!

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