Putting Your Baby in Daycare? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Putting Your Baby in Daycare? Here's Everything You Need to Know

After you’ve had a baby, the next thought on your mind is often: How to get some sleep? While many first-time parents turn to kids’ daycare as an easy option for childcare, this is not without its risks. There are a lot of questions that come up when it comes time to put your little one in daycare.

How to Know That a Kid is Ready for Daycare?

The essential factor in determining whether your child is ready for daycare is their ability to sit up, follow simple directions, and remain alert. If your baby can do these things and is sleeping through the night (which they should be), then daycare would be a good option for them.

However, if another significant milestone has recently been reached—like crawling or walking—it may be too soon to start putting your baby in kids’ daycare. You want to ensure they gain confidence with these new skills before leaving them behind each morning!

What Kinds of Questions to Ask in the Interview?

  • What is the ratio of caregivers to kids?
  • What are the caregiver qualifications?
  • How many hours do you provide care, and what are your hours of operation?
  • Do you have a contingency plan if one of your caregivers gets sick or has a family emergency that requires her not to work for a day?
  • How will you handle children who get sick at daycare (and are contagious)? Is there an isolation room should someone become ill with something serious like measles or chickenpox, or even just an ear infection? Are there hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility for everyone’s use when they arrive and before leaving each day? 
  • Can parents bring food from home for their children to eat when they are stuck at home due to illness or other particular circumstances (e.g., travel)? 
  • Do all caregivers wash their hands after changing diapers/feeding babies so as not to spread germs throughout other areas of the center where older kids may be playing without knowing how easily illnesses can spread through touch alone?

How do you Connect with Other Parents Who Have Kids at the Same Daycare?

The most important thing to do is ask your daycare if they have a community for parents. If they do, sign up for it and make sure you read the rules and guidelines carefully. A parent community is the best way to connect with other parents with children in the same place as yours, allowing you to feel more comfortable leaving your child there during the day. 

If there isn’t a parent community already set up at the daycare where your child goes (or if you don’t want to join it), consider starting one yourself! Create an email list or Facebook group that allows parents of kids who go there to talk and share information. 

Another option is hanging up flyers around town advertising that you are looking for other parents interested in forming their support network. Many people are happy enough with just knowing other families exist nearby, so they know they’re not alone when things get tricky!

What is a Role of a Parent When it Comes to Making Sure Daycare is Going Well for Your Kid?

You’re responsible for ensuring your child is happy and healthy at daycare. You have a responsibility as a parent to check in with the staff, ask questions, and get feedback. It would help if you also were doing everything in your power to ensure your child is safe and treated fairly by the daycare provider.


So, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the best times. Your baby will love daycare, and you will love having some time for yourself.

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