How Can A Micro-Business Communicate With Importers?

How Can A Micro-Business Communicate With Importers?

Should a micro-business even dabble in the export or import markets? Some say no, it’s far too much for such a small entity to please their clients. Others will say, times have changed, even a home business run and owned by one person can have foreign customers. Looking at it objectively, it does feel like the latter argument is pulling ahead. Rather than being too much to cope with, micro-businesses are finding they have no shortage of services you can use to get and keep a hold of foreign clients. Importers of your products can be supported but it all begins with firm and accessible communication. So how do you break the language barrier to open your brand up to millions of new customers?

Receiving contracts

Some importers want to send and receive contracts online but at the same time, have confidence that they won’t be leaked, stolen, or redistributed to the media. Some distributors in foreign lands want to have exclusive rights to a product and some design large campaigns in this way. This is why you should consider a virtual address where you can receive contracts and be sent them via email. So a hard copy of your contract can be sent to this address, and the team here will scan your documents and email them to you. If you want to store the documents on their servers and keep them safe, this is done for free. So you can assure your clients that their documents will be safe.

Translation services

 Foreign companies are more likely to do business with you if you can speak their language. At the very least, they would like for a business that does not speak their language, to translate any and all documentation to their language. Some companies will hire their own translators, but these are usually large businesses that operate internationally. A small business in another country can’t afford translation services all the time. So do it yourself. Have your documents translated, hire a translator to be present at meetings and try to learn some basic words and phrases to be courteous. 

Meeting in person

If you want to seal a deal, you should try and meet them in person. Of course, things are a little difficult at the moment but when you get the chance try to meet your clients from abroad to give assurance, further details of your business plan and growth or expansion plans. At the very least, you should be meeting on conference call software, once a month. This is not just to catch up, but also to send documents such as reports, reviews and recommendations. Meeting in person in their country is recommended. It shows you are serious, willing to go the extra mile to secure their business and you are thinking globally about your brand.

Micro-businesses i.e. 1-10 employees, have to act like a small business. You must take the next step to find and work with importers of your products to spread your brand around the world. 

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