How Can One Deal With The Growing Existential Dread?

How Can One Deal With The Growing Existential Dread?

Have you experienced this deep sense of uncertainty in the last two years, or are just beginning to? Since the pandemic started, everyone has been operating on a different level of restraint, trying to hold themselves together until the pandemic ends. But what can one do when they’re reaching a point of emotional burnout with existential dread? Read these tips below.

  • Practice living in the moment: The concept of existential dread during a pandemic arises due to the lack of continuity, or its perception. Thinking that you aren’t certain about where things are headed in the next foreseeable months can stir a deep sense of anxiety, leading to a feeling of doom. When you’re experiencing such conflicting emotions, the best you can do to regulate yourself is to bring yourself to the present. If you can help your mind and body feel safe in the present, you’re automatically bound to calm down. Using grounding techniques for this purpose helps immensely.
  • Understand that change is inevitable: The only constant in the world is changing, and it’s a reality we all have to accept. Living during a pandemic with multiple obligations and responsibilities can bog you down, but knowing that the tides eventually change can bring you some comfort. Accept where you are at the moment and help yourself arrive at the truth of being in control of your reactions to uncertain times. This can help you find some practicality in moments of sudden panic, helping your mind calm down.
  • Focus on your well-being: If you feel like the pressure is finally getting to you, make sure to seek professional help. There are also recreational herbs that can help you out like Purple Penthouse DC marijuana strains. These cannabinoid compounds are a good add-on to therapy and can help your calm down if you’re feeling a spiral of emotions. The mental health professionals qualified to prescribe medication can also recommend some CBD products that will help calm racing thoughts of catastrophic events.
  • Do things that spark inner joy: When you feel as if there is not much to look forward to, bring your inner child and provide the support it needs. Creative outlets can immensely help to bring a sense of deep calm, leading to joy and gratitude. You can start with writing a page or two, drawing, playing an instrument, going for a walk in nature, and so on.
  • Have compassion towards yourself: One of the biggest escalators of the existential dread felt by millions is the urge to get over these emotions, not healing the root cause of it. What one needs in such a situation is self-compassion for the experience you’re having. It may feel pressurizing when you need to get a lot of work done but taking a minute for yourself to simply sit with these emotions.

Wrapping Up:

It has been a challenging year for all, and hence, understandable when the majority of the youth is reaching an emotional ceiling. The sense of maxing out on your productivity with a looming sense of dread is subject to your measures of self-care. This is why we recommend that you look after yourself well with these tips today.

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