How to Achieve Your Dream of Becoming A Parent

How to Achieve Your Dream of Becoming A Parent

Every new couple is excited about marriage and starting a new life together with their spouse. For many, their main expectation after the wedding is to have children to complete their happiness. But when these expectations don’t come true or take time, they start to worry, and sadness fills their hearts. Infertility is an issue affecting many couples today, leading to marriage break-ups and distress in many homes. Fortunately, with advanced medical treatments, the dream of being a parent is possible. Dr. Majid Fateh of New York City strives to provide excellent care for fertility treatments to help his patients achieve their dreams of starting a family.

New York Fertility Institute specializes in providing advanced fertility treatments to fulfill their patients’ goals of becoming parents. Located in Manhattan on the Upper East Side of New York City, the award-winning practice is among the best fertility hospitals in New York. Their team consists of top fertility specialists and best voted doctors. The highly experienced team strives to ensure they meet the patient’s individualized needs. They offer a comprehensive consultation where they spend enough time with their patients to understand the root of their problem, where they not only treat the symptoms but the whole body to ensure your health.

Specialists in fertility care have over 30 years of experience. They offer their patients a combination of traditional fertility treatments, including artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, with advanced fertility treatments, such as ovarian platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation and endometrial growth PRP. They also offer egg freezing and genetic testing, among other services. The fertility specialists incorporate yoga, meditation, and nutrition methods to ensure their patients’ whole-body health for significant results. The elegant offices are equipped with modern technology to provide a range of services onsite, including lab tests, blood work, sonography machines, and operating and recovery rooms.

New York Fertility Institute offers services such as:

Artificial Insemination

This fertility method is the easiest to use and increases the chances of becoming pregnant. The fertility doctors at New York Fertility Institute perform a thorough examination to determine if artificial insemination is the right treatment for you. Visit them for more information about this fertility method.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing determines if you or your embryo has any genetic disorder. The specialists at New York Fertility Institute provide an onsite comprehensive genetic testing procedure to ensure you don’t pass it to your children. Call them today or book online to schedule your consultation.

If you and your spouse are struggling to conceive, New York Fertility Institute might have the solution for you. The fertility facility has a team of fertility specialists who are among the best in the country, assuring you of excellent care. Located in Manhattan on the Upper East Side of New York City, the practice is committed to providing comprehensive fertility services to its patients for healthy, happy lives. They offer various advanced fertility services and treatments for egg donation, ovarian rejuvenation, implantation failure, and other fertility services. They are caring and compassionate to their patients, treating them like family. Visit them today for extensive and useful fertility services. 

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