Why Prenatal Care is Critical for Every Aspiring Mother

Why Prenatal Care is Critical for Every Aspiring Mother

Everyone will tell you that it is extremely important to get good care before, during, and after your pregnancy. But do you know why? The team of women’s health specialists at Dekalb Women’s Specialists believes that the care will keep you and your baby safe and secure a healthy life head start for your baby. Your OBGYN in Decatur, GA, can help you get through this extraordinary time of your life through prenatal support, screenings, and tutoring.

Pre-Pregnancy Care

If your pregnancy is soon, you are the best candidate for pre-pregnancy care. It helps to make informed and wise healthy decisions even before you get pregnant. You can promote a healthy pregnancy and birth if you take the pre-pregnancy care visits to your OB/GYN seriously. This is because they will help you achieve the following:

  •       Design a plan for your reproductive life
  •       It ensures your immunizations are up to date
  •       You will be advised and monitored on your daily intake of folic acid to ensure you get enough and the right proportion.
  •       Any medical conditions you might have can be managed, including diabetes.
  •       You can be advised to stop smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, and using drugs, which will be necessary before you get pregnant. This will help you by the time you conceive. You will have managed to live without the substances.
  •       At this time, your provider can review your family health and assess some pregnancy risks and advise you accordingly.

Care During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, it’s also a good time to seek medical care from your OB/GYN or if you prefer, from midwifery services. Your visits at this stage can include physical exams, urine tests, weight checks, blood tests, and imaging tests.  The visits also include discussions about your health and the fetus’s health and a platform to ask any question about pregnancy.

With regular prenatal care, you will achieve the following:

Reduced risk of pregnancy complications: this is because your provider will ensure you follow a healthy and safe diet, do regular exercises as deemed necessary, and are not exposed to hazards. Besides, your underlying conditions are managed, and your overall health monitored, eliminating some risks.

The fetus and infant’s health is secured: anything that can harm your babies, such as alcohol and tobacco, is avoided during the pregnancy. These are the main causes of complications to babies, and once they are avoided, your baby can develop in good health.

Your Medications are Monitored: if you are taking some medications for any underlying condition, prenatal care evaluates the risks involved and there should be alternative options to managing your condition that can be examined and implemented. Besides, you are also advised not to undertake certain treatments, especially if they are not urgent. Treatments such as acne treatments and the use of herbal and dietary supplements can hurt your baby, you should avoid them until future directions from your provider.

A healthy pregnancy is a key to a healthy birth and because getting early and regular prenatal care has proven effective in improving the chances of a healthy pregnancy, it makes it critical for you as an aspiring mother. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact your provider at Dekalb Women’s Specialists for help and directions.

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