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How To Choose And When To Give An Eternity Ring

How To Choose And When To Give An Eternity Ring

How To Choose And When To Give An Eternity Ring

Image Source: Pexels

We wear many different types of jewellery, and the eternity ring is a symbol of eternal love between two people. The ring is usually a single band, perhaps platinum or gold, with a row of identical stones, which are meant to signify the wearer’s eternal love for their partner. 

The Real Meaning Of The Eternity Ring

Traditionally, the eternity ring was given on the fortieth anniversary and were usually adorned with rubies rather than diamonds, yet today, it is considered normal to give an eternity ring after only 5 years of marriage.  Diamonds soon became more popular for eternity rings, and today, men give their wives eternity rings at almost any time, and with fine jewellers that can be found in most Australian cities, you can use the Internet to source local jewellers that have a good selection of eternity rings. The fact that it is called an “eternity” ring signifies that your love for her is eternal, which is very romantic.

When To Give An Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring can be given at a milestone anniversary, maybe 5, 10 or 25 years, and the eternity ring can also be a suitable gift for a new mum, which has become a common reason for a man to give his partner an eternity ring, and there are some excellent jewellers Brisbane has who keep a fine selection of top-quality eternity rings at affordable prices. If you search online for a local established jeweller, you can view many fine examples of eternity rings, and if you see something you really like, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the ring sent to your home address.

The Circle Of Life

When a child is born, the eternity ring can represent the circle of life and many husbands present their wives with an eternity ring soon after the birth of their first child. This is a tradition that dates back a few hundred years, and for many new families, the eternity ring symbolises a new addition to the family. You can easily find out her ring size by borrowing her wedding or engagement ring for a short time, and you can then purchase with confidence. The best stones for an eternity ring are diamonds, and with coloured stones, you can create a colourful jewellery feature that she will love.

What Finger Should An Eternity Ring Be Worn On? 

How To Choose And When To Give An Eternity Ring

Image Source: Pexels

Typically, an eternity ring is worn on the wedding ring finger, and can be stacked with the diamond engagement and wedding rings, or alternately, an eternity ring can be worn on the third finger on the opposite hand. As we go from generation to generation, what was once an important rule often disappears, and for many young couples, any finger is fine for an eternity ring.

If your wife is shortly to deliver your very first child, or perhaps you simply want her to know how much you love her, buy an eternity ring from an online established jewellery store, who usually offer lower than retail prices.


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