AUrate Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing

AU|rate Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing

I love finding companies like AU|rate New York that offer special reasons to choose them over other companies.  When it comes to their jewelry, I know I’m getting real gold at an honest price with every purchase.

I received the following product samples for review purposes only and I was so impressed by the quality of the products that I’ve just got to share this company with you.  What I learned about AUrate New York is that they ship their jewelry worldwide from New York.  They offer honest pricing on real gold purchases.  If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to return it (you’ll love any of their products, but just in case…). I think the clincher is that they offer a lifetime guarantee on their jewelry.   One purchase = lifelong product.

They even provide cute little pouches to keep the jewelry in to keep it as new-looking as possible.  They’ve made it to my Holiday Shoppers Gift Gide 2018 for all of the above-mentioned qualities as well as the ease of shopping, and the little gift pouch their jewelry comes in.


AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

I selected two very classy pieces:

Gold ball studs in white gold

Pearl anklet in white gold

Both pieces were made to order because I selected white gold but it didn’t take any time to make and deliver them straight to my door.  Yellow and rose gold are in stock and ready to ship.

AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

For family and friends who are reading this, below are my AUrate New York wish list products, lol.

Obelisk Ring

(in stock and ready to ship, hint hint, nudge nudge)

AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

*image copyright AUrate New York.

Diamond Bar Earrings With White Diamonds

(also in stock and ready to ship)

AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

*image copyright AUrate New York.

Mercer Necklace

(in stock and ready to ship)

AUrate New York Jewelry, Real Gold, Honest Pricing @aurate_newyork

*image copyright AUrate New York.

You will see more suggestions from me in the coming months as Christmas gift ideas so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a post.

What is your favorite AU|rate New York piece?

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  1. I love the simplicity of the jewelry. It would fit every occasion.

  2. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I have a Aurate jewelry and I love it so much. It fits well to almost all occasion and I can use it on a daily basis too!

  3. Their jewelry looks faboulous! It’s kind of simple for my taste but I love everything with pearl so I might check on that necklace.

  4. You’re right. It’s all very pretty and the quality looks outstanding. I love the bar necklace, I’d rock that.

  5. The diamond bar earrings are really cute. I don’t have anything like that in my jewelry organizer! Also, the packaging is really, really sweet.

  6. Stylish jewelry at affordable prices is always a plus! I am loving those diamond earrings on your wishlist, WOW!

  7. These jewelry pieces are really pretty and stylish. I love that this company offers quality pieces for an affordable price that doesn’t break your bank.

  8. Love the simplicity of these pieces. You can wear them with everything!

  9. Brittany Vantrease

    I don’t know if I would ever wear that last necklace. I the feel would drive me crazy. I like the simplicity of all this. I don’t have many occasions to wear jewelry anymore, but something like these would be subtle enough, I could pull it off on a casual day.

  10. I would definitely check it aout. It is so cute and I’m madly in love with jewelry. You made a very cute selection.

  11. I have never heard of this jewelry brand. I loved the Mercer Necklace. The jewelry looks so simple yet so eyecatching and classy.

  12. I love the simplicity and clean lines of their products. As they say, less is more and this applies to this company. Thank you for introducing me and I know what’s on my holiday shopping list.

  13. What a cute simple jewelry items. I love the first necklace Pearl anklet in white gold. All others are also nice. Thanks for introducing me this brand.

  14. I have never heard of this jewelry brand, but I love the bar earrings and necklace. So unique and beautiful!

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