5 tips for buying a diamond engagement ring

5 tips for buying a diamond engagement ring

If there’s one purchase you need to get right the first time, it’s an engagement ring. This is because you’ll probably buy an engagement ring just once in your lifetime, plus it’s really expensive so there’s very little margin for error. Luckily, there are simple guidelines that you can follow and avoid making a blunder.

Allocate a Budget

Always set a budget before you jump into the world of pricey and alluring diamonds. This way you will know exactly what you need. Limiting your options will actually help you make the right purchase. According to a survey, engagement rings can cost more than $7000 on average. But that doesn’t mean you will not find one under $2000 or even in the $1000 range. 

There’s no need to put undue financial pressure on yourself. There are places where you can find affordable options. For example, engagement rings are cheaper in Dubai because of the exclusion of taxes or import duties. You can easily order one from online stores like FergusJames.com, a Dubai-based diamond rings business.  

The Four C’s of Diamond Rings

Since you are new to the whole experience, here are a few basic terms that you must be accustomed to when you buy an engagement ring:

Clarity – The clarity scale helps identify how intricately and carefully the diamond ring was made. Ideally, a good diamond ring is made with symmetrical surfaces which reflect light with minimal bow-tie effect. When you look at the ring from the top, there shouldn’t be some dark, non-reflected parts. These are classified as very, very small inclusions to small inclusions – with the finest inclusions denoting lesser non-reflective surfaces. The intricacy of such rings makes them pricier. You can choose a ring with a lower grade on the clarity chart, which is one with small inclusions – especially if your carat size is smaller. This way you will save some bucks without compromising on the look since the smaller surface of the ring will make the shadows indiscernible to the naked eye.

Cut – This is important, especially if you have a tight budget. The classic round, brilliant-cut diamond ring is everyone’s favorite and one of the most expensive. Other pricier cuts include princess and cushion cuts. Marquise and pear-cut rings are less expensive but they give the same fire and light flashes. Other subtler and comparatively cheaper cuts include rose and emerald cuts – these have a vintage appeal to them.

Carat – This is used to measure the weight of the diamond ring. Bear in mind that the ring can be manipulated to look bigger with lesser carat diamonds. This technique is usually seen in halo settings. A Carat weight of 0.5 to 2 is ideal for an average sized ring. But people tend to go as far as buying a 5-carat diamond. The bigger the carat weight, the higher the maintenance cost.

Color – The color of a diamond ring has a massive impact on the overall look. You can get away with opting for different scales on a chart of a colored diamond ring. Diamond rings of different and less popular colors have significantly variable prices too. But white, bright diamonds look perfect in I to J color grades.

Know Your Spouse’s Sense of Style

Whether it’s modern, vintage, art deco, or minimal, knowing the style will make your choice easier. Modern rings are more unique and usually pricier. These can vary from the bezel, channel, and triple diamond settings. Vintage diamond rings with ethereal diamond cuts are less expensive and so are the art deco styles. Classic and minimal rings include halo and solitaire settings.

Buy a Certified Diamond

Diamonds are an investment that is passed on as a heritage from one generation to another. When you are making the purchase, be mindful of buying a certified diamond. Even if you are buying online, always ask for the GIA certified diamond. Buying loose diamonds to create your rings is also a fair deal when you are on a tight budget.  

Choosing the Fit and the Metal

Pick a fit and band size that compliments your significant other’s finger. You can get a monochromatic ring with your choice of diamond or a ring in contrasting colors – for example, yellow or rose gold bands with the classic white, round-cut diamond. Pick a metal that is adjustable so that it can be tailored according to your future needs. Finally, pick a ring that fits your lifestyle – one that you can flaunt everywhere without worrying too much about damaging it.

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