How to Choose The Right Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights

How to Choose The Right Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights

When choosing the right exterior light, it is essential to consider which flush range to choose. The home design and height of the mount determine what type of flush to use. New homeowners usually need clarification when choosing either full or semi-flush lights for the exterior of their house. 

The difference between both flushes is minor but can affect the overall look of the veranda, overhang, or porch where it is installed.

Let’s talk about the difference between flush and semi-flush lights and the areas best suited to each of them.

Flush And Semi-flush Mounts

To make the right choice, you need to consider how bright you want the area to be. The ceiling height is the most critical factor in deciding which mount light best suits you. Let’s kick-off.

Flush Mounts

Ideally, flush mount lights are best suited for areas that have at least an eight-foot ceiling. In most cases, a flush mount would cast the appropriate light. 

Where to Use Flush Mount Lights

Sometimes, homeowners want a streamlined home aesthetic with minimal interruptions. 

  • A house with a 7-8 foot tall ceiling with a narrow hallway would blend well with a flush mount light. It would provide enough illumination without being a bother to tall guests.
  • Flush mount lights would also help maximize laundry or closet storage space. 

Using a semi-flush mount light in places with a low ceiling height can pose a safety risk for tall people. It would also make the space look smaller and shorter.

There’s a wide variety of flush lights to choose from. From classic to high-end designer lighting to perfectly align with the ambiance you seek to create.

Semi-flush mounts 

Semi-flush mount lights usually have a little space between the ceiling and the fixture’s body suspended by a chain or rod a few inches into the room or space. Semi-flush mounts are best for exterior spaces with 10 feet or higher ceilings.

In addition to casting a brighter light, semi-flush mount lights would look nicer visually and add to the beauty of the installed space.

Where to Use Semi-Flush Mount Lights

If you wish to make a point in a space with a 9-10 foot tall ceiling, a semi-flush light is your best bet.

Since the semi-flush light descends a little bit from the ceiling, it tends to go along people’s lines of sight, making it more noticeable than a flush light.

Semi-flush lights are used in 

  • Casual dining halls
  • Laundry rooms with at least 9-foot tall ceiling 
  • Breakfast nooks
  • Just about anywhere with a 9-10 foot ceiling 

Because semi-flush light is low hanging, it provides more illumination by shining light up against the ceiling, which then reflects downward. You would undoubtedly get more light with a semi-flush mount light.

In conclusion, selecting a flush or semi-flush mount light is primarily determined by the height of your ceiling. Regardless of the type of mount light you choose, be assured that there are several traditional, contemporary, and designer lighting designs. 

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