How To Bring Charm To Your Home Exterior

How To Bring Charm To Your Home Exterior

Your home exterior is like the book cover that invites you to see what’s inside. If you are seeing your home for the first time, does the exterior give you that feeling? Improving your exterior isn’t only necessary when putting it on the market. Research has shown many benefits of improving your exterior, including easier maintenance, energy saving and so on. You have come to the right place if you are looking for ways to add charm and character to your exterior.

1.  Include a covered entryway

A bit of shelter overhead can be pleasant, especially during a heavy downpour. But more importantly, a covered entryway can boost your home’s exterior. They can complement colonial-style residences and add definition to the entry. Covered balconies, for instance, are perfect for craftsman and cottage homes. Consider building a bigger porch to complement your home architecture if you have the space and funds. 

2.  Spruce up your garage doors 

Garage doors occupy roughly 40% of your home’s front external space. This is one reason why you should select garage doors that complement your home’s exterior and style. Even if you spend so much on your home interior, it is worth it for the exterior to receive the same attention. Are your garage doors noticeable from the street? Dress them up to fit your home’s architecture. You can also install custom garage doors to make your exterior stand out from the rest and showcase the beauty and flair within. After all, it is charming to see a home with consistent architecture and design. If you install lighting or paint your garage doors, ensure they are the same style and match the rest of your property. 

3.  Create an arbor 

An arbor above the gate looks exceptionally lovely when covered with climbing vines or sweet-scented plants. Incorporate landscape lights into the arbor’s flora for a wonderful nighttime impact. Arbors are frequently confused with trellises and pergolas. However, they incorporate characteristics of numerous different structures. For example, they integrate trellis to form a tunnel-like passage into another section of a garden or yard and can stand alone or be attached to another building. Fortunately, landscaping experts like can teach you how to use an arbor to spice your outdoors. 

4.  Select the right roofing 

The roof, like the driveway, can easily go unnoticed when it looks great. However, when it is bad, it is really bad. Practicality should be a top priority if you have to install a new roof. Try incorporating various eye-catching roofing designs to draw more attention to your exterior. Narrow down your selections to a few decent ones within your price range. It may be worthwhile to engage a color expert or designer to help you choose the hue and material that would complement your home’s color and style, not forgetting your landscape.

The above are a few frugal ways to add charm to your exterior. But since the list is not exhaustive, they are just the starting point. 

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